An oil containment boom is a floating barrier to help stop the spread of an oil slick on water.

Various equipment and tactics can be used to help with a spill response during a threatening, advancing oil slick.

Oil Containment booms are floating, physical barriers to oil, made of PVC, specialized foam, metal, or other materials, which can help slow the spread of oil and keep it from spreading. GEI Works deploys booms using anchors and land lines where appropriate.

Oil Containment boom can be placed:

  • Across a narrow entrance to the ocean, such as a stream outlet or small inlet, to close off the entrance so that oil can’t pass through into marshland or other sensitive habitats.
  • Around a sensitive site, to prevent oil from reaching it.
  • Around a spill on open water
  • Around equipment or marine vessels in harbors

Oil containment boom offered by GEI are Standard Containment Boom, Oil Fence Boom, and Absorbent Boom.

Standard Containment Boom is used for spills, unwanted trash and debris, seaweed, and treatment areas, and are made from marine-grade materials and used for high-strength debris control. This Containment Boom is made of 22oz PVC and can help reduce the cost of cleanup and help control pollution upstream, downstream, or at the source.

Oil Fence Boom is used in harbors, ports, marinas, docks, and other loading areas. It is manufactured with flat foam flotations; these booms are designed for rapid deployment from a storage location to contain surface spills and prevent the spread of hydrocarbons oil and other hazardous liquids. This oil containment boom is designed with more compact floats that allow the unit to be folded, stacked in dock boxes, or placed on reels. This makes them easy to store, transport, and deploy during emergency response.

Absorbent oil boom provides additional containment with maximum absorption of hydrocarbons while repelling water, ensuring that your boom does not shed or sink even when saturated. Sections can be linked together to form barriers in the lengths required for your site. These are utilized in conjunction with either standard containment boom or oil fence boom.

GEI Works recommends reaching out to us with your specific site conditions as know that all of these methods are effective only when conditions are conducive to using them. Factors such as wind, waves, and current greatly impact the selection of the appropriate size and style of oil containment boom.

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