GEI Works began working with vendors to provide customers a variety of products and services in the erosion, pollution and storage markets. Eventually we realized that we could better serve our customers as a manufacturer by providing custom solutions and pulling together our industry knowledge of multiple ways to approach a problem.

We started in the construction/industrial field and brought innovative products to help control silt, debris, and environmental pollution. As we grew, we expanded our reach to include product solutions for oil, gas, and mining applications and various types of wastewater containment and control. We now work to provide both standard and custom product solutions to customers around the globe in a wide range of industries.

Providing innovative solutions is more than just a catch phrase. We recognize that every project, job, budget or goal requirements are not the same. Neither are our product solutions. In addition to offering many variations in sizes, styles, and capacities for our products, we also consult with our manufacturing team and technical experts globally to provide the best solution for your exact project needs.

Whether you are looking for bulk water for municipal or fire suppression storage, floating barriers to address oil spills, seaweed, trash or algae deflection, dewatering and filtration solutions, spill cleanup and containment, confining of dredged contaminants or turbid sediment from marine construction, destruction of evidence or environmentally sound solid waste incineration options, GEI Works has a solution for you.

As you come across product challenges, we hope you will work with us to customize solutions to meet your project goals. As a manufacturer we are uniquely positioned to creatively approach a project that may not have an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution. We excel when presented with an opportunity to be innovative and problem-solve.

GEI Works is here to work with you!