Marine Accessories for Turbidity Curtain and Containment Boom

Marine curtain and boom accessories are a great way to ease the installation and deployment of any floating barrier. Made from robust components and parts, these turbidity curtains and boom accessories help with stabilization, adjusting water depths, and boom deployment methods.

Depending on your project and specific requirements, different boom and turbidity curtain accessories are essential to help install, tow, and protect the barrier. See below for more information and specifications on standard silt barrier and boom accessories such as:

Anchor Kits

We offer pre-assembled turbidity curtain Anchor Kits, which are required for any floating barrier being used in moving water conditions including Type 2 and Type 3 turbidity curtains, open water oil boom, river debris boom, and more. Having the right anchor pattern, installation design, and anchors can significantly reduce and redistribute loads placed on your barrier, which will increase the longevity of your floating boom or barrier. Proper anchoring, is crucial to the success of your floating barrier. We offer a variety of anchor types, depending on your needs. Learn more about the importance of anchoring and proper installation here Ground Anchor Installation and Silt Curtain Anchoring Instructions.

Anchoring is often dependent on site conditions and requirements, including currents, tides, waves, and anticipated load.

Tow Bridles

Marine Tow Bridles are small devices connected to both the boom/barrier and the tow boat. Tow bridles help prevent damage to your boom during installation by redistributing the load so that the boat pulls at various portions of the curtain rather than pulling from a single position. Tow bridles are a great booms accessory to use any time you are towing/deploying a floating barrier.

Inflatable Marker Buoys

Inflatable Marker Buoys are expected to withstand even the toughest marine conditions and outside elements. These floating buoys are built for rigorous commercial marine use and are also perfect for pleasure craft owners. This all-purpose floating marine buoy can be used in conjunction with a variety of anchoring systems as part of your turbidity curtain and boom application or as a fender buoy, demarcation guide, and mooring signal.

Tidal Compensators

Tidal Compensators allow barriers and booms to adjust to changing tides or water heights. It is connected directly to both a vertical structure and the boom or barrier. As water levels change, the tidal compensator will move up and down bringing the barrier with it.

We offer two types of tidal compensators: the standard version pictured here and the sturdier HD Tidal Compensator.

Reefing Lines

Reefing Lines are primarily designed for turbidity curtains and allow customers to adjust the depth of the barrier depending on tides and contours. Adjusting lines are ideal for areas with varying water depths. Turbidity curtain reefing lines are built into your curtain at the time of manufacture, but only upon request. If you are interested in using reefing lines for your project, please ask your project specialist for information and pricing.

To patch a small rip in your curtain, see our Vinyl Repair Kit.

Questions about turbidity curtain accessories? We can help! Call the GEI Works team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.