Sargassum Boom

An increase in the growth of sargassum has been documented around the world in freshwater and saltwater bodies. Some scientific papers have linked the increase in sargassum at least indirectly to a world made warmer by climate change. Seasons have been extended by warmer waters and an increase in extreme rainfall washes more silt into waterways.

Historically, sargassum was primarily located in an area of the western North Atlantic. Its range expanded southward which was driven by the shifting wind patterns and ocean currents that send massive amounts of sargassum into the western Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and South Atlantic.

Our Solution

GEI Works’ Seaweed Containment Boom is designed to meet the more rigorous conditions of water containing large plumes of seaweed or other floating vegetation. Seaweed Boom is used to help control floating seaweed through containment, diversion, or deflection.

Our Seaweed Containment Boom is built with robust components, dual tension cables, and a heavy-duty permeable skirt that allows for more water passthrough without sacrificing the barrier’s ability to withstand the significant weight of floating plants.

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