GEI Works has had the privilege of working with numerous customer projects ranging across many industries. We are proud to support our customers with high-quality products and responsive service across multiple sectors. Below are some industries we have been able to support with our product solutions.

  • Marine / Heavy Construction
  • Dredging Operations
  • Oil & Gas, Mining
  • Utilities
  • Emergency Response
  • Military or Municipal Supply
  • Agriculture / Aquaculture
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Environmental

Marine / Heavy Construction

GEI Works’ carries in-stock products to serve our construction customers on a short-lead time basis. We aim to keep Type 1 DOT 50×5 and Type 2 DOT 50×5 Turbidity Curtain, 10” Debris Boom, Absorbent Boom and Standard Dewatering Bags in stock for urgent or quick-turn pick up or delivery. If your project requires more product, we can at least provide a minimum quantity to keep you in compliance until additional or custom goods can be delivered to your site such as:

  • Turbidity Curtain
  • Containment Boom
  • Absorbent Boom
  • Spill Cleanup Products
  • Dewatering Products
  • Drain Guards and Filters
  • Other Stormwater BMPs
  • Corrugated Tanks
  • Pillow Tanks
  • Secondary Containment Berms

Dredging Operations

Successful Dredging Operations utilize compliance-based products to ensure that dredged materials remain in the work area. In the case of highly sensitive locations or contaminated remediation projects, precautions are taken to ensure dredged materials are properly dewatered, contained, and disposed of. To this end, GEI works has provided solutions such as:

  • Sludge Tubes
  • Scour Aprons
  • Piling Protection Barriers
  • Dewatering Bags
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Turbidity Curtain Systems according to site goals and conditions
  • Liners for dump trucks
  • Barge Apron / Moon Pool Curtains

Oil & Gas, Mining Industries

GEI’s first entrance into these industries was supplying large industrial bladder storage tanks and secondary containment for petrochemical extraction operations. Large boom cranes were fitted with suspended rollers that automated the deployment of the large-scale heavy duty tanks and berm liners. We have provided containment systems, filtration solutions, water treatment segregation, bulk water storage, and void fill forms. Today we support this industry primarily through:

  • Baffles
  • Dewatering Products
  • Secondary Containment Equipment Berms
  • Temporary Bladder tanks for liquid and void fill
  • Spill Response Boom and Absorbents
  • Corrugated Tanks for Bulk Process Water Storage
  • Woven and non-woven geotextiles
  • Precious Metals Recovery Combustion Equipment


Power, Water, Electrical and Hydroelectric facilities often require solutions for primary and secondary containment such as transformer pit liners, bulk water storage, intake and equipment protection, spill prevention and cleanup. Needs vary by site and situation but typical manufactured solutions include:

  • Treatment Pond Baffle Systems
  • Sludge Tubes
  • Dewatering Bags
  • Scour Aprons
  • Floating Containment Mats
  • Battened Secondary Containment Liners
  • PermBoom or Debris Containment Boom
  • Turbidity Curtain including Submersible Curtain
  • Spill Response Products
  • Large Volume Bulk Storage Tanks

Emergency Response

During the BP Oil Spill GEI Works deployed over 350,000 LF of Oil Boom to the Gulf Spill Emergency Response teams, working 17 hour workdays and manufacturing around the clock. During the California wildfires, GEI Works was involved with large volume water storage, temporary water storage, fire suppression water storage, temporary bladders for manned camps, and erosion control for post-fire stabilization. During post tsunami recovery in Japan, GEI deployed drinking water tanks and supplied the Indonesian Government with container loads with quick-response tanks for disaster recovery operations. GEI Works offers supplies to assist with Hurricane prep and clean up including grommeted industrial-grade tarps, temporary flexible water tanks, duckbill anchor kits for trees, boats, carport protection, rock and gravel bags, or flood tubes for doorways, roll-doors, garages. We have deployed equipment for clean combustion disposal and manned-camp incineration. Solutions include:

  • Oil Boom
  • Absorbents
  • Firefighting tanks
  • Natural Fiber Erosion Control Products
  • Bulk Drinking or Gray Water Storage
  • Hazardous Materials / Pathological or Regulated Waste Incineration
  • Ground anchoring
  • Debris Containment Boom
  • Dewatering Products
  • Flood Tubes

Military / Municipal Supply

GEI Works provides two NSN products to the US Military for fuel and water storage. We have provided many large volume fire suppression tanks and solutions to support manned military or humanitarian efforts for drinking water storage, hazardous waste disposal, dredging, custom solutions and first article solutions development. Municipal supply includes erosion, pollution and storage options. Supplied solutions cover:

  • Containment Boom
  • Oil Boom
  • Combustion Equipment
  • Bulk Water Storage for rural drinking water or fire suppression
  • Frame and Onion tanks
  • Municipal and Law Enforcement Solid Waste Disposal Equipment
  • Secondary Containment
  • Baffles

Agriculture / Aquaculture

High-quality manufactured goods have been utilized for oyster harvesting, fish farming, irrigation water storage, temporary water storage, pond segregation, botanical treatment baffles, and sludge dewatering. Typical products utilized are:

  • Floating Containment Boom
  • Sludge Dewatering Tubes
  • Dewatering Bags
  • Onion Tanks
  • Frame Tanks
  • Corrugated Tanks
  • Pond Baffles


The Department of Transportation has published guidelines by state for DOT-requirements for BMP’s to be utilized in containing sediment and debris within a worksite. GEI Works’ standard DOT products are FL-DOT compliant, please review your state requirements to ensure compliance and that your quotation meets your State’s DOT spec. Typical DOT covered products include a wide variety of Best Management Practices, some of which are:

  • Filter Fabrics
  • Dewatering Bags
  • Sludge Tubes
  • Type 1, 2 or 3 DOT Turbidity Curtain
  • Staked Turbidity Barriers
  • Silt Fence
  • Grate Covers
  • Drain Guards and Seals
  • Inlet Protection
  • Containment Boom
  • Spill Absorbent Products
  • Secondary Containment Berms

Hospitality and Tourism

Since the onset of large sargassum plumes consistently making landfall across the southern coastal regions of the US and Caribbean, this industry has been served with floating barriers to deflect, direct or collect sargassum prior to reaching the shoreline. GEI Works has been involved with resorts throughout this region to solve site-specific sargassum-impacted locations. Post-storm shoreline and beach restoration has been addressed using leave-in-place dewatering tubes. Some of our Hospitality customers have also utilized our Incineration and Combustion equipment, with solid waste disposal options supporting properties, ports, and cruise lines. Additionally, large volume water storage tanks are purchased by our national and international customers for on-site potable water, irrigation or gray water use, or mandated fire suppression water storage. Serving these industries with:

  • Solid Waste Disposal Combustion Units
  • Dewatering Tubes
  • Geotextile materials for stabilization
  • Sargassum Boom
  • Water Storage Tanks

Environmental Industries

GEI Works is proud to have been involved in large-scale remediation and restoration projects of Superfund sites, storm-damaged regions, and compliant construction activities. Product solutions range from:

  • Dewatering Tubes
  • Geotextile Materials
  • Natural Fiber logs and mats for erosion protection
  • DOT compliant construction barriers
  • BMP filters, drain guards and seals