GEI Works is a USA-based manufacturer that specializes in erosion pollution prevention products such as silt and turbidity curtains, floating boom barriers, stormwater filters, dewatering bags, secondary spill containment products, collapsible water tanks, various BMPs for erosion control, large volume and temporary water storage and environmentally responsible solid waste incineration solutions.

Here at GEI Works, we take our work seriously but not ourselves. We listen to our customers’ needs and create products that solve real problems while enjoying our team and workday. Since you trust us to build products that work to ensure your site stays in compliance with environmental controls and project goals, our team will overcome obstacles, and act with a sense of urgency to find and build solutions. We will deliver the right products at the right price, on time.

Karen Allan
General Manager

Creig Benevides
Operations Manager

Wil Morales
Floor Lead

Joseph Paquette
Production Assistant

Kirk Wands
VP Sales Manager

Debbie Murray
Office Manager

Gloria Valenzuela
Sales Coordinator

Jason Smith
Product Specialist

Greg Davenport
Product Specialist

GEI Production Team