We manufacture DOT Compliant Type 1, 2 and 3 (Light, Medium and Heavy Duty) Floating Turbidity Barriers, also known as Silt Curtains for the marine construction industry.


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GEI Works can provide various solutions for Best Management Practice solutions for stormwater management.

GEI Works can provide solutions to assist with Erosion Control with natural fiber products such as gutter logs, coir logs, wattles, erosion blankets to help filter runoff and prevent soil erosion. These products assist with keeping soil from eroding on hillsides, shorelines and provide perimeter protection in some construction sites.

BMP Stormwater Filters help filter runoff and protect stormwater conveyance systems. They are utilized often during development of construction projects where roads are subject to sedimentation due to open dirt areas adjacent to drains or grates. There are numerous ways to address these from filtering through or sealing off grates, filtering curb runoff or slowing water in ditches.

Various BMP solutions utilize rolls of high-quality geotextile fabrics in woven and non-woven options. Needle-punched non-woven geotextiles are used for filtration, underlayment, support, road or driveway construction or separation. Woven Monofilament materials are used for filtration, separation, and erosion control support.

Last line of defense BMP’s include floating barriers and may include both primary and secondary barrier systems depending on the sensitivity of the project and the project goals. Penalties for discharge into adjacent protected waterways far outweigh the negligible costs of utilizing secondary or even tertiary redundant systems where challenging conditions are present.

BMP Solutions available, call or request more information today:

  • Drawing Guards and Filters
  • Drain Covers / Seals
  • Drain Berms
  • Gutter Logs
  • Gravel/Sand Bags
  • Over/Under Grate Filters
  • Inlet Guards
  • Pipe Filters
  • Oil and Debris Blockers or Filters
  • Hydrocarbon, Heavy Metals Guards
  • Downspout Guards
  • Natural Fiber Logs and Wattles
  • Erosion Control Blankets (ECB’s)
  • Dewatering Socks, Bags, Tubes
  • Turbidity Curtains
  • Debris Containment Boom
  • Secondary Containment Berms, Basins and Trays
  • Spill Trays and Spill Kits
  • Absorbent Spill Solutions
  • Liners
  • Flood Barrier Tubes