Staked Silt Barrier Material Specifications

Question: What material is used for your staked silt barriers? Would I be able to use this product in a ditch along the road? How much water is the barrier designed to control?

Answer: The typical fabric used for the Staked Silt Barrier will be an eighteen ounce (18 oz.) reinforced, impermeable PVC material. Made with the same high strength materials designed to control debris in water locations, these barriers are well equipped to handle high water flows to control water in your location.

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Staked Silt Barrier Design

The standard design of the staked containment barrier includes the following material options:

  • Impermeable Reinforced PVC Material
  • Stakes

This design will provide a barrier construction that is very similar to the silt fence. The main difference will be in terms of the base fabric. The standard silt fence fabric will use a permeable woven geotexitile, while the staked silt barrier will feature impermeable options. This increased water strength and resistance will help control larger sheet flows and runoff in your location.

Standard locations where the staked silt barrier can be used is in locations with sheet flow or water conditions up to 30 inches. Barriers are often used to direct water flow into retention ponds, ditches or other locations for safe containment.

Staked Silt Barrier Applications

Staked silt barriers are commonly chosen for locations that feature an increased water flow or sheet flow. Their high level of strength has allowed them to be used in several different applications to control the flow of water and other materials. Some of the most common locations where these barriers have been used include the following:

  • Sites with Increased Runoff
  • Small Settling Ponds
  • Road Side Ditches
  • Canals
  • Shallow Marshes

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