Grand River Power specializes in hydroelectric power and renewable energy for the surrounding community of Eaton Rapids, Michigan. The owner, Roy Davis, is an experienced mechanic that manages the operations of the plant and oversees electricity production from the historic Smithville Dam.

Grand River Power has been experiencing ongoing issues with floating debris and algae getting caught in trash racks at the facility. The dam’s trash racks act as a defense for keeping sticks and other forms of debris out of the dam’s components, which has caused more maintenance emptying the racks. Grand River Power needed another level of debris control to keep the Smithville Dam running flawlessly.

Davis reached out to GEI Works to develop a containment solution for floating barriers servicing many types of applications. After outlining the project, GEI Works examined requirements such as volume of debris, water conditions, staging area, and collection recovery to manufacture the most appropriate boom for the location.

GEI Works designed a custom 18’ Perm Boom which is a robust, high buoyancy barrier utilized for long-term debris control in moving water. Each component of the Perm Boom was specifically designed for protecting the dam and features high-impact floats, galvanized ballast chains, UV-resistant belts, and other high-strength materials. Deployment consisted of placing 50’ sections along the edge of the river with a total LF of 400’. Three 22 lb. anchors were used to keep the boom secure.

“The Perm Boom that GEI Works manufactured for us made a night and day difference in the amount of trash debris we get in our trash racks at the hydroelectric plant,” Davis stated. “This historic dam, which was originally constructed in 1853, serves as a source of pride in the Hubbardston community and I am happy to help protect it and keep it in place.”

Overall, Davis was happy with how well the Perm Boom worked to protect the Smithville Dam. Whether you’re trying to stop seaweed from reaching a beach, containing a waterborne oil spill, or just trying to keep water sources clean, GEI Works can provide a barrier to fit your needs.

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