Providing Solutions, Keeping Inventory Stocked and Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

This is a photo of one of two flatbeds shipping up to the Carolinas loaded with our Turbidity Barriers and accessories for a construction project where a section of shoreline requires an area to contain suspended turbidity. GEI Works shipped quality manufactured goods on time to ensure our customer could start their job on time.

2021 has been a challenging year for many of our customers, supply partners, vendors, and logistics teams. Despite the hurdles, many of our customers are fully back to work with projects requiring BMP’s and environmental compliance solutions in place prior to starting their jobs. We’ve been told that some types of Turbidity Curtain have been hard to get on site in reasonable timeframes. With many suppliers experiencing material shortages and inventory low or not available when needed, our customers have found us to be ready and able to provide much-needed BMPs with manageable lead times.

GEI Works LLC has overcome many of the supply chain and logistics obstacles of 2021, keeping our shelves stocked with the most common sizes and types of Turbidity Curtain, Containment Boom, and Dewatering Products ready-to-ship. Our established partnerships with major carriers have kept freight costs reasonable and delivery times as expected.

Last to buy — First to Need

Most construction project permits and SWPP plans require stormwater and turbidity controls in place on site prior to turning the first shovel of dirt. Don’t let the timeframe of ordering your BMPs, Staked Silt Barriers, Turbidity Curtains, Dewatering Bags or Tubes, and Stormwater BMPs derail your start dates! GEI Works will continue to work throughout this year to keep our supply moving to your sites so your projects get underway on budget and on time.

During the coming months as our northern customers come back online after winter freezes, we will be prepared to meet those increased demands.

For customers in our southern regions, where milder weather means construction projects continue year-round, we are a trusted manufacturer of quality goods for both traditional DOT project needs as well as custom specified products.

How Can we Help?

Challenging site conditions? Call us for assistance.

Specified products? We’re ready to build.

Need standard equipment fast? Stocked goods are ready to ship.

Need spill or secondary containment for your project? We’ve got solutions ready or we’ll manufacture to suit.

We thank you for your continued support in making our year a great success, and we wish you the same for 2022!

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