When working onsite, there are often leaks from equipment that are inevitable. These leaks can be toxic and require immediate containment to prevent them from entering the soil and groundwater.

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency, any operation that stores, distributes, uses, consumes oil or oil products, stores more than a certain amount of liquid, or has the potential to discharge hazardous liquids into water, is required to use Secondary Spill Containment Berms.

Unlike a liner or ground protector, spill berms often include walls that help completely contain liquids. For compliance standards, GEI Works Spill Berms are made with durable and reliable fabrics that effectively contain chemical, hydrocarbon, and oil spills.

Listed below are four applications where Secondary Spill Containment Berms are commonly used:

Transport Spills

The use of portable tanks for liquid transportation is common among many companies. In the case of loading and unloading tanks and trucks, portable and lightweight spill containment berms may be beneficial to prevent spills.

Storage Leaks

Storage of liquids on site is common among companies that use oil or other substances in their production. To avoid spills and leaks from storage containers, spill containment berms are beneficial.

Equipment Maintenance

Occasionally, equipment needs to be moved in a plant for maintenance. The use of a spill containment berm can reduce environmental pollution by collecting leftovers and unwanted components.
Stationary Equipment

To prevent chemicals or fluids from contaminating nearby surroundings, it is recommended to place stationary gear, hoses, pipes, and equipment in containment berms.

Overall, Spill containment berms are an effective technique to keep spills under control and ensure that your production follows EPA regulations. As a result of their strength and high performance, they can protect your job sites from spills and leaks, even unanticipated ones.

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