Steel Mesh Floating Debris Barriers are the perfect solution for areas looking to contain logs, timbers or large/heavy floating debris. Frequently installed around marinas and docks, these items are an easy way to contain materials and prevent spreading around your location.

Steel Mesh Debris Booms are one of our most robust containment boom and are available in aluminum or stainless steel options. All containment boom will additionally feature the use of a hard poly floats for extra containment and durability.

Trash Mesh Floating Containment Boom

Specifications featured below include options for the trash mesh floating containment boom. The floating debris barrier is made from expanded mesh material and includes high-impact resistant floats to accommodate demanding locations.

In order to meet the requirements of your location, multiple sections of the boom can be connected together to meet the lengths required for your section.

Steel Mesh Boom Benefits and Applications

Compared to standard floating debris barriers, the steel mesh boom can offer many advantages and additional applications for their use. Some of the most common benefits of steel mesh booms include:

  • Higher Strength for Larger Debris
  • Equipped to Handle Logs and Timbers
  • 8′ Panels Connect Together to Reach Intended Lengths
  • Marine Grade Materials
  • Robust Exterior Floats

Steel Mesh Boom Applications:

  • Containment for Logs and Debris
  • Marina Debris Control
  • Long Term Debris Containment
  • Harbor Debris Control

Steel mesh and floating debris barriers have numerous benefits for debris containment. When it comes to containing plastic rubbish and plastic trash, steel trash mesh boom can contain large pieces of plastic pollution like plastic two-liter soda bottles, plastic trash bags, and other large items of plastic rubbish.

How do you Install Floating Debris Barriers?

Installing a steel boom is easy! First, set your anchors at the shore and along the bottom of your required path. After you shackle your steel mesh boom together to make your desired length, anchor the boom to your layout.

The key to keeping your trash boom intact for an extended time is committing to follow a maintenance schedule. You will want to periodically remove floating debris that has built up to prevent the structure from receiving too much pressure. If your floating boom starts housing marine growth, you can simply remove it with a pressure washer.