GEI Works manufactures cistern liners to seal existing or newly built cistern tanks. Cistern construction can be round or rectangular, but walls must connect to the floor at a 90-degree angle. Made from flexible fabric materials, cistern liners are sized and manufactured to meet the exact specifications of your old, new, or existing cistern tank.

GEI Works also offers high-performance polyurea waterproofing coatings for new or reconditioned tanks. Polyurea coatings are one of the most cost-effective ways to control leaks, prevent corrosion, and extend the lifespan of your rainwater collection tank. 

Poly-urea spray liners have been used on old leaking tanks to provide a new impermeable layer and on new cistern tanks to provide corrosion, rust or leak protection for the duration of their use. These spray liners can salvage existing welded steel, grain bin, cistern or corrugated tanks, saving demolition and replacement costs.

Cistern Liner Product Features

Cistern Liners

  • Potable Water Storage: FDA and NSF 61 Approved Fabrics
  • Custom-built to customer dimensions
  • Folds Flat for shipping
  • Easy installation
  • Optional battening kits are available

Poly-Urea Coatings

  • Prevents Rust / Corrosion
  • Excellent for repair – seamlessly patches holes in tanks
  • Chemical, abrasion and UV-resistant
  • Ecologically friendly – low VOC (meets CA VOC limits)
  • 75+ year life expectancy
  • Economical Protection of Investment
  • Can eliminate Demolition and replacement tank costs
  • Suitable for potable water or chemical environments
  • Expands 6000% on application, forming high-performing bonds

Cistern Liners Applications and Uses

These products offer a variety of different applications. Some main uses are drinking water storage, industrial or irrigation water storage, tank refurbishment, and rainwater collection. Contact one of our representatives to learn more about the different uses and applications our cistern liners can provide for you!