Emergency Absorbent Boom Fl00r Oil Spill Response or Pre-Spill Prep

For oil spill containment solutions, trust GEI Works oil containment absorbant boom solutions for quick deployment of oil and spill remediation absorbent supplies. Selections include Oil only, General Purpose, or HazMat Polypropylene products.

Our most common sizes of Oil Boom products are often used in conjunction with our Floating Containment Boom or Fence Boom for oil. GEI Works’ absorbent booms provide containment with maximum absorption and repel water at the same time, ensuring that the boom does not shed or sink even when saturated. Hardware clips along the exterior length and marine rope along the length make deployment and retrieval easy. Sections can be linked together to form barriers in the lengths required for your site. Stay in compliance with Federal Regulations for spill containment and cleanup with an absorbent boom.

Oil boom is used for either preparation or response to oil spills on the water including sheen, spills around marine vessels during fueling or repair operations, remediation dredge areas with hydrocarbon contaminated soils, and for large oil spills

In conjunction with absorbent oil containment boom products, customers often require decontamination pools, secondary containment, oil boom and fence boom. GEI Works manufactures each of these items with standard sizes available along with custom-spec manufacturing to suit.
For spills on water or for industrial spills at your facilities, Spill kits, pads, rolls, snares and other spill control absorbents are also available.

Snares are mop-like absorbents either connected to a length of marine rope at evenly spaced intervals, or loose, allowing for excellent surface coverage and rapid deployment. Rope nares can be used to drag along the surface, corralling a spill and absorbing oil in its pom-poms. Absorbent Rope Snares are 50’ in length with 30 absorbent poms per rope. Shipped loose, there are 30 poms per case.