Summary and Product Description

GEI Works Shoreline Boom solutions effectively controls floating debris or oil spills in shallow water areas. Two water-filled chambers run the length and provide a steady base that seals shorelines, swamps, marshes, beaches, or river banks. The barrier is especially effective in areas with fluctuating water levels or in tidal conditions. In very shallow water the barrier rests on the bottom, preventing contaminants or debris from traveling underneath the boom and providing surface protection with its upper air-filled chamber. If the water is deeper than the height of the ballast tubes, the barrier functions like a conventional boom, with the air-filled top chamber providing continuous surface protection. Boom connectors on shoreline boom can be matched to fit other boom models.

Unique Features of a Shoreline Boom

  • Air-Filled Floatation Chamber
  • ASTM Universal Slide Connectors
  • Quick and Intuitive Installation
  • Seal Shallow Water, Shorelines and Beaches
  • Connects to other Boom Options

Main Applications & Uses of Shoreline Booms

  • Oil and Spill Control
  • Sargassum and Seaweed Control
  • Shorelines, Marshes, and Beaches
  • Maintaining Tidal Areas

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