Curtain Type 1 DOT


GEI Works’ Type 1 Contractor and DOT Turbidity Curtain provide a practical solution for containing silt and other displaced particles in a confined zone for short-term projects. Using our anchoring system and other accessories, the curtain is kept securely in place until the job is finished. This light duty turbidity barrier is best suited for calm water locations with no waves and low silt levels. Designed for depths between 3 and 10ft, the Type 1 Turbidity curtain is an excellent fit for ponds, shallow lakes, swales, and creeks with calm water.

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Type1-DOT-50×5 (1 unit on a pallet)


  • Economical Silt Control
  • Strong Impermeable PVC Barrier
  • Easy to Connect and Install
  • Brightly Colored for Easy Spotting
  • Lengths Up to 100’ to Fit Various Size Projects
  • 4” Flotations to Fit Smaller Areas
  • Can Meet or Exceed Most State DOT Requirements


  • Marine Construction Sites
  • DOT Road Repair
  • Small Pond or Lake Work Activities
  • Marinas or Harbors
  • Calm Water Silt and Turbidity Control
  • Silt Screens for Small Construction Areas


  • Triton Type 1 Contractor is used for calm waters with short-term requirements and low silt levels (Features 4” Float).
  • Triton Type 1 Economy is perfect for areas with calm water and short-term requirements (Features a 6” or 8” float).
  • Triton Type 1 DOT is used for DOT projects, calm water areas, or longer-term silt control projects.

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Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 48 × 38 in