Floating Trash and Debris Containment Boom

The Floating Trash and Debris Net Boom is a reliable option for containing jellyfish, trash and aquatic life. Used at power plants for intake protection, this boom barrier effectively blocks and contains materials to prevent spreading into unwanted locations.

The design of the Floating Net Boom is extremely similar to the standard containment boom, but it will include a bottom netting skirt. This traps debris and prevents certain aquatic life from entering a location. Constructed with marine-grade components, a debris net boom is the perfect way to prevent pollution and control contamination in your area.

The top of this debris net contains a marine-grade flotation device made for strength through the use of heavy-duty fabric. At the bottom sits a ballast chain and lower tension member, giving the net stability underwater. The standard trash boom barrier has a marine-treated net, although various other net styles are also available.

Debris Net Boom Conditions

For the debris net barrier to maintain a high level of control, it is best to use the boom in water conditions with mild currents, waves, tides and winds. This allows the boom barrier to contain debris and helps prevent spreading around a location.

The standard length for this debris net boom is either 100 feet or 50 feet. However, custom sizes are always available and can be built to meet your exact specifications.

Debris Net Boom Barrier Applications

The Debris Floating Containment Boom is one of our most flexible products used for various containment applications. Some of the most common uses for the boom include debris containment, aquatic plant containment, demarcation and more. For more information on all of our booms, check out our Floating Containment Booms.

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