What is a Water Baffle

Turbidity Control with Baffle Curtains

water baffleQuestion: What is a water baffle? Can you tell me what a water baffle is, how it affects waste water BOD, and how it's used in turbidity control?

Answer: Thank you for contacting GEI Works. A water baffle is a type of turbidity curtain used to control sediment in bodies of water and acts as part of a system to affect water flow.

The flow control baffle system essentially works by slowing down the flow of water, allowing sediment and other materials to have increased time to settle and filter.

Design of a Water Baffle

Learning the typical design of a water baffle can help explain what a water baffle is and how it can be used in turbidity control. The water baffle will often include the following components:

  • Top Flotation Device (round, marine grade)
  • Reliable Fabric (includes elvaloy, PVC, urethane and more)
  • Tension Cable
  • Bottom Skirt with Ballast Chain
  • SS Shore Cable and End Plates connected to Anchor Posts

Specifications for each of these components will vary depending on the type of material you are trying to contain, the water location where they will be used, and various other conditions in your location.

How to Influence TSS and BOD

water bafflesThese baffles are often used in industrial and municipal waste water treatment (WWTP) process plants to control the waste water stream to achieve improved BOD, lower TSS and thermal control exchange in the water treatment plants.

Systems of flow control baffles extend treatment times and improve overall water quality.

Placing a system of engineered flow control baffles in the treatment ponds allows the flow to be controlled and the entire pond area to be used. This results in better BOD and TSS levels, ensuring plants stay within their permit limits and avoid costly shutdowns.

Visit the Water Baffle Overview for more details and specifications.

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