Water Baffles Product Description

Water Baffles

Water Baffles Product, Wastewater Baffles, Flow Control Screens, Clearwell BafflesOur water baffle increases retention time and improves the flow requirements for superior pond performance. These baffles can be used alone, or a part of system to control waste and help maintain water levels.

The following information provides specifications on the fabrics used for these water baffles. For more information on this product an how it can be used, please check our Water Baffle Main page.

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Water Baffles Product Specification

Fabric Elvaloy, PVC, Urethane, or any equivalent materials suitable for floating baffle applications.
Seams and Seals All seams are thermally welded.
Flotation Floats are standard 6" diameter marine grade, round, specifically for baffles. They are suitable for extended use in marine environment. The floats are completely encased in the top of the baffle by the fabric. Float sizes vary depending on buoyancy and site loading. Please note: Polystyrene (EPS) is not recommended where oils and fats could be present.
Top Tension Members Single 1/4", 5/16" or 3/8" stainless cable or synthetic tension members at the top of the baffle. Tension member are secured to the end stress transfer plates where the tension loads are transferred through the attachment anchoring cables to the shore anchorage and pile.
Ballast 5/16" HD (1/4", 3/8" or 1/2") galvanized proof coil steel chain to a double-layered fabric reinforce seam at the bottom of the baffle skirt. The ballast chain terminates into stainless steel load distribution plates at each end. Anchor point are provided to which auxiliary anchors can be attached to secure baffle skirt.
End Plates & Shore Connections

Stainless steel stress plates are bolted together to firmly clamp the reinforced (4 layers), tension member equipped, fabric at the ends of the baffle section. The bottom ballast chain and top tension member terminate into these stress plates at the sloped edges of the baffle (where applicable).

The length of the shore anchor cables may be varied to impact the appropriate amount of overall tension to the baffle as well as to allow the baffle to be adjusted for variations in water level of the lagoon basin, should that be required.

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