Water Baffles Anchoring

Water Baffle Anchoring System

Water Baffles, Wastewater Baffles, Flow Control Screens, Clearwell BafflesWater Baffles Anchoring System: The baffle is secured to the shore anchor posts via stainless steel cable of a suitable length and size to allow the baffles to adjust when the water level changes and to maintain proper tension on the baffle.

Anchor Points: The anchor points are loops of stainless cable passed through a link in the ballast chain as specified, to which the contractor can attach the concrete anchors in field should they be required for future upgrade. At the waterline we provide eye bolts every section connection for anchor line attachment.

Shore Anchors and Lateral Posts: Shore anchor posts need to be installed no further than three feet away from the edge of the reservoir/high water elevation. Posts that are utilized must be suitable for extended use in a marine environment, and also provide sufficient strength to perform as anchor points for the water baffles anchoring system (Shore Anchor Posts are Best Sourced Locally).

NOTE: This is a complete system except for shore anchors, lateral posts and bottom anchors (auxiliary anchors) which are all economically best sourced locally.

Maintenance: It is recommended that regular scheduled inspections and maintenance be performed on this system. This person must be familiar with these systems and approved by the manufacturer.

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