Water Baffle Specifications

Floating Baffle System

Typical Floating Baffle System and Water Baffle Specifications (Flow Diversion/Control System)

Polishing pond with aquatic plant filteringThe water baffle is an economical system designed to help improve the flow of water in lagoons and other waste water treatment locations. These baffles are designed specifically to improved the BOD, lower the TSS levels in your location and improve the overall quality of water in your location.

The following is designed to provide technical specifications for these water baffles including options for their design and water improvement requirements.

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Water Baffle Technical Specifications

Description & Design Use The Floating Baffle System is custom manufactured for extended use in a lagoon basin environment.
Draft Approximately __ feet deep to the bottom of the waterway, with one end tapered (Contractor to verify bathymetry prior to manufacture). The depth and shape of the skirt is to be determined by the water depth and the bottom profile. The skirt depth shall exactly match the depth of the high water elevation. Ends sloped at 2:1, 3:1 or as specified.
Windows As specified (build per approved shop drawings - sized at 30 gallon per square foot of opening per minute).
Warranty: Against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment. Extended warranty is available upon request.

Additional Products to Help with Waste Water Treatment Plants

In addition to the water baffles shown here, we do also offer several other products to help with waste water treatment plant and lagoons. These products can include the following:

Lagoon Liners: Similar to other pond liners, these lagoon fixtures are designed to help with lagoons to line the area and prevent contamination from seeping into the ground. Liners include several different fabric options depending on your location.

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