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Argo Road Construction Water Trailer

Filling Road Barriers, Spraying Dust, and Washing Equipment

Road Construction and Dust SuppressionDust control is a high priority during road construction projects. Water is the most common method of dust suppression, but most watering trucks are large and expensive to rent. The Argo Construction Water Tank Trailer is a lightweight, DOT-compliant trailer with a tank, pump, and spray bar mounted on the deck. It's an affordable solution for small- to medium-sized projects where heavy trucks aren't practical or necessary. There are several advantages of using the Argo water trailer:

  • Less chance of overwatering and causing erosion
  • Translucent tank shows exactly how much water you're using
  • Durable Honda engine and pump
  • Quick fill from any water source

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Argo Water Tank Trailer

Inexpensive Dust Suppression for Road Construction

Fire Hose for Construction Water TrailerArgo Construction Water Trailers are designed for jobs where you need a reliable dust suppression system but don't necessarily need a heavy tanker truck. The Honda engine drives a 2" pump connected to a galvanized steel spray bar with brass nozzles. It is available with a 500, 1,000, or 1,600 gallon tank. The Argo trailer is a great addition to any dust mitigation plan. Some features include:

  • Sprays a 25' wide swath
  • Deck-mounted instructions
  • Pull behind any truck
  • Drop foot jack for standalone operation
  • Optional hose bibb for low pressure applications

DOT-Compliant Construction Water Trailer

Each trailer is DOT-compliant and ready to use. We'll even register the trailer in your state so it's ready to roll upon delivery.

  • LED safety lights in the front and rear
  • Electric brakes
  • Water resistant connectors

Learn more about Argo Water Trailers (PDF).

Portable Water Trailer for Filling Road Barriers

Road ConstructionThe Argo Water Tank Trailer is a versatile water hauling solution. Use it for filling road barriers spread out in different locations. Simply place the barriers and then send the water trailer to fill them. The durable off-road trailer with suspension, electric brakes, and an adjustable flow valve to make filling easier.

The construction water trailer is also useful for equipment wash down. The hose bibb attachment allows for lower pressure applications . We even have a suction kit for filling the water from sources like retaining ponds, and a quick-fill kit for using high pressure sources like fire hydrants. This makes the Argo Water Trailer a versatile solution for your construction project.

Do you have a specific requirement that you don't see here? Since we are the manufacturer, we can often accommodate custom requests and develop a solution that is right for you. Check out our full line of Argo Water Trailer Accessories.

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