US Drought Press Release

Action Required to Bring Water Supply to US Drought Areas

Press Release "Action Required to Bring Water Supply to Drought Stricken Areas"

drought water tank

SEBASTIAN, FL, August 5, 2011 — As a record US drought hits the country, states are forced to look for fast ways to bring water to areas plagued by either fires or a lack of rain. These areas require water storage in a way that’s economical, time efficient and one hundred percent effective.

With constant dry weather and increasing fire start-ups, residents need large, reliable tanks that can be deployed quickly while still holding enough water to put out fires, water crops, or feed livestock. US based Granite Environmental has a wide selection of economical tanks available to help meet these immediate and long-term water storage needs.

When dealing with large fires, many fire fighters and emergency response teams have chosen to use the folding frame tank and self-rising onion tank. These tanks are fast to set up and fold up when not in use, allowing them to be placed in trucks for quick transportation to areas in flames. Folding frames require setup while onion tanks self- rise as they are filled with water.

Extremely similar to these tanks is the economical Go Tank. This tank features a rigid frame that has been surrounded by a firm outer wall and inner liner. This provides an extremely thick structured tank that still remains light in weight. This can be placed on the ground and filled with water or feed stock in needed areas.

With areas experiencing long-term droughts, many people have turned to bulk water storage. Tanks such as the collapsible bladder can store anywhere from 100 to 200,000 gallons in a flexible, rapidly deployed tank. This can be used as a reservoir of water to supply homes, businesses, industries and other large areas.

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