Type 2 Silt Barrier To Contain Debris

Silt Barrier Contains Debris During Dock Construction

shoreline consrtuctionQuestion: Regarding a silt barrier to contain debris, can you tell me the price on the Type 2 Silt Barrier? I am looking for 250 to 300 feet. Guessing the water depth, I would say 40-50 feet. We are looking for something to contain debris while we remove and install a new dock system.

Answer: Thank you for asking! Depending on your specific containment goals for this area, different options may work better than others for your location. If you are specifically looking to contain debris that is floating on the surface of the water, something like a Debris Boom may be the best option for your location. These booms have been created to contain floating debris and timbers.

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Silt Barrier and Debris Boom Differences

While Floating Debris Booms are extremely similar in style to a silt barrier, they will typically contain a shorter skirt and a higher top flotation. This can help you target and control debris or other floating items on the surface of the water in your location. Debris booms are great at controlling items like floating timbers, wood, trash, and other floating items.

When thinking of a debris boom, many customers refer to the style and design of an oil containment boom. These are very similar to the debris model in the sense that they have a short skirt and are designed for containment of products mostly on the surface of the water.

Turbidity Barrier Contains Displaced Silt

If, however, in addition to debris you will also need to contain various sediment and silt that may become displaced during a dock installation, the Turbidity Barrier still remains the best choice.

type 2 silt barrier

Silt barriers feature a significantly longer skirt that can help keep turned up sediment contained during an installation of pilings and other docking equipment.

Other items you may consider during this project include:

  • Piling Extraction Barriers: These specialty silt barriers can fit directly around your piling to contain displaced materials during an extraction. If you are planning on removing pilings during your dock repair, this may be a good option.

  • Bridge or Dock Repair Piling Protectors: We also offer specialty silt barrier to contain debris around docks during repair. These barriers feature a hole in the center that allows for the piling to be completely surrounded. This helps to catch falling items as well as moss and materials removed from a piling.

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