Turbidity Curtain Price

Pricing for Type 1 Economy Curtain

turbidity curtain priceThe Type 1 Economy Curtain is a reliable, cost-effective way to contain silt and turbidity in your location. Made from a 13 oz. impermeable fabric, these curtains are designed for calm water locations where meeting DOT requirements is not necessary.

Type 1 economy turbidity curtains are perfect for short term projects in low-depth, calm water locations. We do our best to keep these available as In-Stock Items.

One factor that affects the price of a Type 1 Economy Curtain is how much material is needed for the length and depth of the barrier. See the Type 1 Economy turbidity curtain specifications below to see if it meets your project's needs. We manufacture our curtain in the USA, working with you to determine what specifications you need.

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Type 1 Turbidity Curtain Technical Specifications

Type 1 Curtain is used for calm water jobs where DOT specifications are not required. Applications will typically include lakes, ponds, canals, and roadside ditches. To determine what size curtain you need, first determine the length of your containment area. Next, determine what depth the water is in your containment area.

Standard Sizing 50' L x 5' D or 100' L x 5' D
Multiple sections joined together through grommets.
Depths from 3' to 100' also available.
Water Conditions Calm Water
Material 13 oz. PVC Impermeable
Float 6"
Skirt Depth 5'
Ballast Chain 3/16" Ballast Chain
Load Carrying Components Fabric and 3/16" galvanized ballast chain (3,000 lb. break strength)
Ballast 0.41 lb./ft. Galvanized Chain
Color Yellow

Type 1 Economy Turbidity Curtains Are Economical and Effective

Built from economical fabrics, the type 1 economy curtain is meant for short-term and temporary projects. These curtains are a low price, low budget solution for small site projects, and the materials used to make them are low cost and budget friendly.

One factor that makes the type 1 economy curtain cost-effective is its materials and components. Made from 13 oz. PVC and featuring grommet section connectors, type 1 economy turbidity curtains keep materials contained effectively in an economical way.

Our sales team can talk you through turbidity curtain price and site specific solutions to enhance your turbidity curtain. One turbidity curtain component is a curtain ballast chain, which helps decrease the billowing angle of a turbidity curtain in moving water by providing counter-weight. Having the right accessories will keep your turbidity curtain in good working condition and will save you money.

Type 1 Economy Turbidity Curtain Price

type 1 economy curtainAre you wondering what the price will be for your type 1 economy curtain? One factor that will determine the price will be how much material is used to make it. Standard sections of type 1 economy curtain are available in 50 or 100 ft. lengths and depths from 3 to 20 ft. This type of curtain also features 6" or 8" floats and curtain ballast chains if necessary. Contact our sales team for more information on what your turbidity curtain price would be.

Our Turbidity Selection Guide will show you what type of curtain best suits your needs.

Our Type 1 Turbidity curtains are manufactured in the USA to fit your project specifications. We work with you to determine what kind of curtain is best for your project, and help you determine the correct size your curtain needs to be.

Questions about our Type 1 Economy Turbidity Curtain price? We can help! Contact our sales team at 1-772-646-0597, email us at info@geiworks.com, or request a price quote.