Turbidity Curtain for Lakes

Turbidity Control in Lakes

lake turbidity curtainQuestion: Hello. I'm working on a project to clean up a lake and am in need of a turbidity curtain. We are looking for a lake turbidity curtain that can segregate the test area from the rest of the lake, and stop silt from exiting our test area. What type of barrier would work in these conditions?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us about Triton Turbidity Curtains! Choosing which type of barrier that will work for your specific lake will depend on several unique site factors. GEI Works manufactures Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 Silt Barriers to accomodate any combination of site factors. Any time you consider using a turbidity or silt barrier, there are several factors that will determine which product you need to use. Some of the main components we urge customers to consider including the following:

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Turbidity Curtains Considerations

  • Water Location Conditions: Possible conditions include, but are not limited to:turbidity barrier
    • Water Velocity (speed and movement of the current)
    • Waves (how high are the waves? how often do they occur?)
    • Tides (variance, etc.)

  • Site & Project Conditions: These include both environmental and some project related factors.
    • Wind (speed, frequency)
    • Project Duration
    • Type of Silt or Turbidity (are these particles contaminated? how much needs to be contained?)

Once these factors are considered, the turbidity curtain for your lake can then be chosen to help contain and segregate the area. See our Turbidity Curtain Selection Guide, then call us at 1-772-646-0597 or contact us and our team can help you.

All three types of Triton turbidity curtains (Type 1, 2, and 3) have been used in lakes. Type 1 Silt Barriers in lakes are for small, calm water bodies with no waves and very little water flow.

Type 2 and Type 3 are used in larger project areas like turbidity control in the Great Lakes. These products are manufactured with thicker materials to handle moving water, waves, and wind.

Turbidity Curtain Construction

The turbidity barriers are designed with several features that work to control turbidity both below and above the surface of the water. Typically, barriers include the following features:

  • Marine Grade Flotation (typically 6" but can be larger for extended barrier depths)
  • Section Connectors (bolt rope for lighter duty curtains, ASTM universal slides from high strength barriers)
  • Bottom Chain (to help keep the barrier vertical)
  • Impermeable Skirt (Permeable available for certain conditions)
  • Sections (available in 50 or 100 feet in length)
  • Curtain (depth varies depending on water location anywhere from 3 to 100 feet)

Turbidity Curtain Anchoring

turbidity installationAnchoring is a critical factor in the success of your floating silt curtain. Please use anchoring every 25' OC to ensure the curtain performs to the expected standards. Without correct anchoring, your silt curtain will fail.

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