Turbidity Curtain to Contain Heavy Metals

Construction and Use for Turbidity Curtains in Ponds

turbidity curtain to contain heavy metalsQuestion: I need some information regarding turbidity curtains to contain heavy metals. I am going to be using them in a pond with a ph of about 3.5, and it is going to surround a pump so I'll need about 100 feet. I just wanted to know what type of metal the hardware was and if your turbidity curtains can be implemented for this type of application.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! We manufacture Triton Turbidity Curtains, which can abosolutely withstand the containment of heavy metals during remediation, construction, and other projects. Triton turbidity curtains come in Type 1 for calm water, Type 2 for moving water, and Type 3 for fast water.

To determine the best turbidity curtains for your location, please don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss your requirements. We can work directly with you to help develop a plan that will satify your project requirements.

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Turbidity Curtain Construction

turbidity curtain used in a pondThe main skirts of the turbidity curtains are made with a highly durable and resistant PVC material. This material is used to cover the top flotation device and creates the entire skirt of the curtain. The PVC provides high resistance water conditions and other materials (such as silt or heavy metals) that you are trying to contain.

Connecting parts of the turbidity curtain are constructed using galvanized steel. This type of material is often used for the bottom chain and tension cable. For the top fittings or for larger curtain types, we usually use aluminum. This material is used on fittings including section slide connectors. If specifically required for your location, if it contains large amounts of salt water, all fittings can be replaced with stainless steel.

Choosing Your Turbidity Curtains

turbidity curtainsDetermining which type of barrier you require depends on a wide range of site specific factors including:

  • Velocity of Water
  • Speed of Wind
  • Height of Waves
  • Type of Turbidity Being Contained
  • Duration of your Project
  • Surrounding Site Conditions

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Questions about turbidity curtains? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.