Turbidity Curtains and Silt Barriers

Common Questions about Turbidity and Silt Control in Water

turbidity curtainsTurbidity curtains and silt barriers are great options for turbidity and sediment control of displaced materials in water bodies such as lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans, and streams. Their construction has allowed them to successfully contain materials and prevent the spread of pollutants during a construction activity.

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  1. silt barriersWhat is the difference between a turbidity curtain and a silt barrier?
    While there is a rated difference between turbidity and silt, the terms are largely interchangeable for our products. The product listed behind the term "turbidity curtain" will be exactly the same as the product listed behind a "silt barrier."

  2. What lengths are they available in?
    Turbidity and silt curtains are available in several standard lengths including sections that are either 50 or 100 feet in length. These sections can be connected together to form required lengths in your location.

  3. How do I determine which depth is most appropriate?
    The depth of the curtain can range anywhere from three to one hundred feet (3' to 100') in depth. Standard depths are five feet (5'), although a depth of a curtain is largely chosen based on your location and area application. Usually, you will want the depth of your turbidity curtain to sit approximately one foot from the floor of your water body. For instance, if your lake has a depth of 10 feet, you will want a barrier with a curtain depth of approximately 9 feet.

  4. turbidity curtain detailHow do I determine the correct curtain type?
    Choosing a silt curtain for your location will be dependent on a wide range of factors, but will most commonly be chosen based on your water conditions and job facts. Anytime a customer is looking to use one of our barriers, we ask them to consider several different factors including the following:

    1. Water Current Speed
    2. Wave Heights
    3. Duration of Project
    4. Type of Silt or Turbidity Needing Containment
    5. Wind Speed and Direction
    6. Tidal Factors

    Available options for the floating containment curtain includes three different types (1, 2, and 3) that can be chosen based on your location requirements. The following can be used as a general guide for these curtains:

  5. turbidity curtains in a construction projectIs there a standard depth? How to do I determine the depth?
    Standard depth for the silt curtains features a depth of 5 feet. Additional skirt depths are available in sizes anywhere from 3 to 100 feet. Skirt depths are determined based specially on the water conditions and depth in your area. For the highest level of performance, you will typically want the skirt of the barrier to sit approximately one foot from the floor of your water location. This helps the barrier to increase silt settling times without putting too much pressure on the curtain.

  6. My depths vary, what skirt depth should I choose?
    For locations dealing with multiple depths, there are a couple of different solutions we can offer. If the area is tapered throughout your location, one option we can provide is a tapered series of lenghts. Section lengths for the curtains will typically be either 50 or 100 feet in length. For multi-depth areas, skirt depths can be different for each section to match the contours of your location. Another option we can provide is the use of a reefing line. These lines allow the skirts to be tied up or extended during tides or adjust water flows.

  7. Do you have any in stock options?
    Yes, we do keep some of our curtains in stock. Typical stock options will be either turbidity curtains in Type 1 or Type 2 barriers with our standard depth of 5 ft. Depending on our facilities, we may also have other in stock options so please do not hesitate to contact us to check on our inventory.

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