Turbidity Curtain To Control Silt

Turbidity Control From Silt Runoff

type 1 silt barrierQuestion: We are building a bulkhead on a creek in St. Augustine, FL. We require about 125 ft of turbidity curtain (x 5ft) to contain silt and silt runoff when it rains while we're working. I am not sure which type of turbidity curtain I need to control silt in my area. The water's rate of flow is less than .25 knots. Which type of turbidity curtain do I need?

Answer: Thank you for contacting GEI Works! If your water flow in less than .25 knots, you should use a Triton Type 1 Silt Barrier. It is designed specifically for silt and turbidity control in calm water such as swales, canals, small ponds lakes and harbors. Triton Type 1 silt curtains meet and exceed state DOT requirements and come in both short and long term models.

Sizes are available in 50' or 100' lengths, but we can make the turbidity curtain to the size you need. To Learn more about the different types of turbidity curtains, please see the turbidity curtain selection guide.

Choosing the Correct Turbidity Curtain

environmentally friendly turbidity curtainChoosing the correct turbidity curtain for your location silt will depend on several different water conditions and site factors. Once these factors are considered, barriers can be correctly chosen. The following can be seen as a general guideline on how these turbidity curtains are used:

  • Type 1 Turbidity Curtain: The type 1 silt curtain is commonly used in locations with calm waters (such as your conditions which is less than 0.25 knots).

  • Type 2 Turbidity Curtain: The type 2 curtain is used for moving water locations. These barriers are typically not recommended for locations with currents above 1.5 knots.

  • Type 3 Turbidity Curtain: The type 3 curtain is our strongest barrier and is used for the roughest water conditions. These includes areas with significant water flow or waves.

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