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Turbidity Barriers and Silt Curtains

Silt Barriers to Contain Turbidity and Sediment in Water

Turbidity barriers, also known as floating turbidity curtains, silt barriers, or silt curtains are floating barriers designed to contain and control the dispersion of floating silt or turbidity in water. GEI Works manufactures a selection of Triton turbidity barriers to contain silt and keep your project site in compliance in many types of water conditions. Contact a sales specialist today to discuss your requirements: 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form.

Type 1 Silt Barriers
type 1 turbidity curtains
Calm Water
Type 2 Silt Barriers
type 2 turbidity curtain
Moving Water

Type 3 Silt Barriers
type 3 turbidity curtain
Fast Water

Staked Turbidity Barriers
Staked Turbidity Barrier
Land Use

Specialty Silt Curtains

Permeable Silt Barriers
type 3 DOT turbidity curtain
High Water Flow
Dredging Silt Curtains
barge dredging silt curtain
Barge Dredging

Floating Containment Mat
floating containment mat
Bridge or Overwater Work

Choosing Your Triton Turbidity Barriers

Choosing the right turbidity barriers or floating silt curtain for your location is highly dependent on several different site conditions. We urge customers to consider several factors and conditions, such as water flow/current speed, waves (height, frequency), wind (speed, direction), job type, and duration to determine the right barrier. If you have any additional site-specific requirements, please let us know those conditions. For more information about site specific projects, visit our Custom Turbidity Barrier Drawings page. To pick the correct barrier for your site, take a look at the turbidity curtain detail on the chart below, or at our Triton Turbidity Curtain Comparison Guide (PDF).

Type 1 Turbidity Barriers
Calm Water Turbidity Curtains

Type 1 Contractor
Type 1 Contractor Spec (PDF)
13 oz. PVC
4 in. Float
Type 1 Economy
Type 1 Economy Spec (PDF)
13 oz. PVC
6 in. or 8 in. Float
Type 1 DOT
Type 1 DOT Spec (PDF)
18 oz. PVC
6 in. or 8 in. Float
Type 1 Geotextile
Type 1 Geotextile Drawing (PDF)
8 oz. Nonwoven Geo
Calm, Still Water, Water Flows 0 fps

Type 2 Turbidity Barriers
Moving Water Turbidity Curtains

Type 2 Contractor
Type 2 Contractor Spec (PDF)
13 oz. PVC
4" Float, Top Tension Cable
Type 2 DOT
Type 2 DOT Spec (PDF)
18 oz. PVC
6 in. or 8 in. Float, Top Tension Cable
Type 2 Heavy Duty
Type 2 HD Spec (PDF)
22 oz. PVC
6 in., 8 in., or 12 in. Float, Top Tension Cable
Type 2 HD Permeable
Type 2 HD Permeable Drawing (PDF)
22 oz. PVC
6 in., 8 in., or 12 in. Float, Top Tension Cable

Type 3 Turbidity Barriers
Fast Water Turbidity Curtains

Type 3 DOT
Type 3 DOT Spec (PDF)
18 oz. PVC w/ Geotextile Panel
Type 3 Heavy Duty
Type 3 HD Spec (PDF)
22 oz. PVC Dual Tension Cable
Type 3 HD Permeable
Type 3 HD Permeable Spec (PDF)
22 oz. PVC w/ Geotextile Panel, Dual Tension Cable
Moderate Winds, Water Flow less than 1.5 knots, Waves under 2'

Triton Turbidity Curtain Comparison Guide (PDF)

Questions about floating turbidity barriers? Need pricing? We can help! Call our sales team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.

Not sure which turbidity barrier is right for your project? Our Comparison Guide can help.

Triton floating turbidity curtains are recommended stormwater BMPs and help keep construction sites in compliance by controlling silt and sediment in water and allowing it time to settle. Triton DOT Turbidity Curtains meet USDOT requirements and exceed minimum guidelines outlined in the Florida DOT Erosion and Sediment Control Manual. Triton Turbidity Curtains are available in standard and custom models to suit your project's needs.

Questions about turbidity barriers? Need prices? We can help! Call our sales team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.

Floating Turbidity Barrier Accessories

turbidity barrier accessories

Learn More About Triton Turbidity Barriers

How Does a Turbidity Curtain Work?

Any time you are performing construction in or around a water body, the chance of pollution and/or suspended solids is high. In order to help limit the spread of these solids, turbidity curtains are placed around work areas, job sites, and dredging locations. This is important because increased sediment or disruption of sediment in water blocks sunlight for plants and harms aquatic life. Learn more about how Turbidity Barriers Can Be Used as a Bid for a Pond Job Site. Once turbidity barriers are implemented, solids are given increased time to naturally settle back down to the bottom of the water. This improves settling times for solids and helps protect natural resources from pollution. We offer Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and custom models of Triton Silt Curtains to fit your jobsite and specific applications.

Turbidity Curtain Advantages

  • silt barriersHelps Sites Avoids Fines and Project Shut Downs
  • Limits the Spread of Particles
  • Controls and Contains Suspended Solids
  • Increases Settling Times
  • Lowers TSS Levels for Solids
  • Controls Displaced Solids
  • Protects Natural Habitats or Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Turbidity Barrier Applications: Triton Floating Turbidity Curtains are designed to work in any location dealing with solids, particles, sediment or turbidity. Some of the most common locations include the following:

  • Dredging Operations
  • Marine Construction Jobs
  • Pile Cleaning and Extraction
  • Roadside Construction Work
  • Silt Containment Areas
  • Restoration Projects

GEI Works is committed to finding the right solution for your project. We work with customers to find the best curtain model for your location. We work closely with contractors, engineers, owners, regulators, and citizen groups to provide comprehensive and state of the art erosion prevention and turbidity control solutions.

Questions about silt curtains? We can help! Call our sales team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form for prices and to discuss your requirements.

Turbidity Curtain Technical Resources

turbidity barriers in useTurbidity curtains are an integral part of our erosion control equipment and product line. With the introduction of the Clean Water Act (1998) and subsequent NPDES phase II (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System), regulations have highlighted the importance of protecting our water resources from pollutants. When used correctly, these curtains can be an effective BMP (best management practice) for most job sites and project location. View our Permeable Silt Curtain page for more information.

View further regulatory and educational resources below. Our experienced staff are always available to our clients.

Floating Turbidity Barrier Resources

Custom Triton Turbidity Barrier Solutions

piling protection systemBelow you will find some of our custom turbidity curtains, including models to help with barge dredging, pilings, and more.

Turbidity Barrier Installation

Other Floating Barrier Resources

Please view our Booms and Barriers Overview page, which showcases our complete water barrier variety including debris booms, turbidity barriers, water baffles, and more. For silt barrier maintenance information, visit the Turbidity Curtain Maintenance page. You can also visit our Florida Erosion Control Compliance Products page for more information on keeping your projects in compliance with Florida regulations. Michigan business and contractors can read through our Michigan Water Solutions.

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Questions about turbidity curtain? Need prices? Call our sales team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.