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Helios 0.2 – Thermal Oxidizer Incinerator

Simple-to-Use & Cost-Effective for Small-Batch Disposal

solid waste incineratorYou've asked, and we've listened. GEI Works is proud to introduce the Helios 0.2 Thermal Oxidizer Incinerator. This thermal oxidizer incinerator was designed specifically for small batch use, without sacrificing the features you've grown accustomed to with larger systems. Helios 0.2 is recommended for DEA drug disposal, as well as the safe incineration of pharmaceuticals, medical waste, trash, and other solid waste streams. Delivered factory tested and assembled, Helios 0.2 is simple to operate. No special operator training is required.

Questions about Helios Incinerators? Call our specialists at 1-772-646-0597.

Helios 0.2 Thermal Oxidizer Burner Benefits

The Helios 0.2 Thermal Oxidizer Incinerator is designed for safe and effective in-house disposal of narcotics and solid wastes in small batches (maximum batch size is approximately 25 lbs.). This unit is a fixed-hearth thermal incinerator that features dual combustion chambers, controlled air injection, and touchscreen interface for managing system controls. For more detailed information, please see: Helios 0.2 Thermal Oxidizer Incinerator Specifications (pdf). and drawing (pdf).

  • Produces environmentally- safe stack exhaust.
  • No special factory commissioning or training required.
  • Lower operating cost, as Helios 0.2 requires less supervision than standard DEA disposal burners like the Little Helios Barrel Burner.
  • Offers more economical processing of smaller batches than the Helios 0.3 Thermal Incinerator.

Delivered Factory Tested and Ready For Use

Nearly fully assembled, the Helios 0.2 is delivered factory tested. The only assembly step needed is that of attaching the stack to the unit. Simply set the stack, plug in power, connect the LPG gas supply, and the thermal oxidizer burner is ready for use.

How Thermal Oxidizer Incinerators Work

Incinerators are the primary means of destroying volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reducing them to a base of carbon and water once the process has been completed. With the advanced technology available today and efficiencies of up to 99.99 percent possible, incinerators can provide a safe solution to disposal requirements. Thermal oxidizer incinerators can be "the best choice when high efficiencies are needed." See: EPA Thermal Incineration Fact Sheet.

Thermal oxidizer burners are commonly used as a best practice for controlling emissions and air pollution during incineration. Thermal oxidization is the process of forcing combustion by heating materials to ignition. Introducing a controlled flow of oxygen helps in maintaining the desired temperature. The combustion temperature is sustained until the materials have been fully decomposed. Adding turbulence to the process assists in thorough processing and in reducing the time required for the incineration process to complete.

The Helios 0.2 Thermal Oxidizer Incinerator delivers this functionality with simple touchscreen convenience. Helios 0.2's couples the use of dual combustion chambers with air injection control to provide superior turbulent thermal oxidation. The result: Environmentally- safe stack exhaust that meets requirements for release to the atmosphere. (Note: Emission requirements can vary from locality to locality. Please check the emission codes in your area to ensure compliance.)

Helios Incinerators: A Full Line of Thermal Incinerators

Made here in the USA, GEI Works manufactures a full line of quality-built and factory-tested Helios Incinerators. Whether you're looking for portable barrel-burners for DEA disposal, large-scale fixed-hearth systems for medical waste, or something in-between, we deliver thermal incineration solutions that will meet your project's specifications for a price you'll love. For a full list of Helios incinerators by GEI Works, see: Helios Incineration Options.

Questions about our animal waste incinerators? Call our sales team with any questions at 1-772-646-0597.

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