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The Nature Conservancy Press Release

The Nature Conservancy and Granite Environmental

Let the Tree Planting Begin Press Release

the nature conservancy, nature conservancy, granite environmental, tree planting February 24, 2011, Sebastian, FL—Granite Environmental (now known as GEI Works), in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy, launched their “Plant a Billion Trees” campaign this week at the International Erosion Control Association’s annual conference, Environmental Connection. After a successful launch, it’s now time to begin the tree planting!

Participants at Environmental Connection ’11 had the opportunity to donate a business card in lieu of one dollar, which allows The Nature Conservancy to plant one tree in the Atlantic Forest. What kind of trees are going to be planted? The Nature Conservancy has chosen the Guapuruvu, Ice-Cream Bean, Golden Trumpet, and Capororoca trees. Why these trees?

The Guapuruvu Tree is an indigenous plant of the Atlantic Forest, found nowhere else on earth. It is one the native species with the fastest growth rate. The Ice-Cream Bean Tree is known for its high production of leafy biomass and ability to control weeds and erosion. The Golden Trumpet Tree is extremely popular because of its showy yellow flowers and is often used for ornamentation in gardens, parks, and public boulevards. Used for furniture, decking, and other outdoor uses, the wood has the same fire rating as concrete and is denser than water. Its increasing popularity has led to an abundance of illegal logging activity. Finally, the Capororoca Tree produces fruit that is a favorite feast for the animals.

Thank you to the following companies and individuals for planting a tree in your name:

Abasco | Charles F. Fahrmeir

ACF Environmental | David Kelley

Allmarc Site Contracting, LLC | Marcus Hobbs

American Infrastructure | Gary Tiller

Arrigo Gabbioni Italia | Rag. Gian Rustico

Boddingtons Inc. | Jason Lamers and Matthew Kocian

Bowman Construction Supply, Inc | Ken M. Kinnard, CSI

Brecon | Tony Jones and Ed Johnson

Carter Waters Construction Materials | Sara Drake, CPECS, EIT

Central Coir Research Institute | Dr. U.S. Sarma, M.Sc., Ph.D., Ex., I.N.R.A. Fellow (France)

City of Mount Dora | Paul G. Ritter

Colorado State University | Amanda L. Cox Ph.D., P.E.

DeAngelo Brothers Inc. | Anna Griggs, CCIS

Denver International Airport | Catherine A. Rafferty, P.E.

Drake Extrusion Inc. | Pete Rihbany

Dungeness Environmental | Chris Palczewski

Earth Saver | Kyle Rose, Chris Bailey, and Doug Bailey

Earth & Turf Reps, Inc. | Austin Childers

Edward Kraemer & Sons, Inc. | Grif Searles

Elastec American Marine | Duane Bennish

Electron Solar Energy | Hanoch Schmalbach

Ernst Seeds | Mark Fiely

Erosion Tech | Chad Skinner

Fertilec | Jacques Gosselin

First Grade Excavating | Richard Hancock

FryeFlow Systems | Mike Dorsey

GeoHay | Kellyn Hargett

GeoVireo, Inc. | Jag Santha

GLFast™ | Wes Callahan

Global Traders, Inc. | Alluddin Keen

Gemini Connections | Stevie Jones

Green Sitework | Collin Browning

Hayleys Ecofibres |Devinda Molligoda

HD Supply | Jeff Brouillette

Indian Valley Industries, Inc. | Wayne A. Rozen

Instrument Specialties Inc. | Shawn Kane

Land Improvement Contractors of America | John W. Peterson

Link Bridge | Anthony Park and Will K. Chow

Mat, Inc. | Jim Sandherr

MST | Joachim Meyer

Nicopress | Gary O’Neill

Orange County Government, Florida | Greg Ewanitz, CPESC, CESSWI

Platipus | Charles Agg and Frank Milchuck

Portadam, Inc. | Gerry Mann

R.L. Pritchard & Co., Inc | Thomas L. Paisley

Silt Saver, Inc. | Roger Singleton

Smart Ditch | Chase C. Harvey, K. Michael Desvernine, and Heidi Bulgrin

State of Alaska Transportation & Public Facilities | Joshua I. James

StormKlear | Matt Burns

Stormtec Filtration Inc. | Chris Jakul, T.T.

Straight Line Construction | Tony Travierso

Submar | Doug Buch

Suntree Technologies, Inc. | Tom Happel, Carol Happel, John Happel

SWN Southwest Energy | Justin Sommers

Syntex | Juan Pablo Zapata Correa and Carlos Eduardo Guzman S.

TeMa Technologies and Materials | Nicola Busatta

Trical | Eduardo Machado

Twin Oaks Silt Fencing, LLC | Tom Burst

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers | Anthony J. DePasquale, P.E.

Vellano Bros., Inc. | C.T. Eidam

Washington County Soil Conservation District | Elmer D. Weibley, CPESC

Western Excelsior Corporation | Zach Snyder, Luke Snyder, and Chad M. Lipscomb, PE, CPESC

Wheel Wright Marketing Communications | Kit Jones

Wholesale Erosion & Landscaping Products | Ramon Godinez

Willacoochee Industrial Fabrics, Inc. | Larry Booth

GEI Works P.O. Box 780928 Sebastian, FL 32978
Tel: 1-772-646-0597


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