GEI Works Tarps

PVC Roof Tarps

Waterproof Roof TarpsTarps from GEI Works are manufactured from a wide variety of industrial fabric; Coated PVC, nylon, open mesh, olive drab canvas, and polyethylene are all available.

Our fabric materials feature a tough coating of PVC, urethane, or polyethylene plastic to ensure maximum performance in the field. Our range of industrial liners and covers are strong, flexible, and water resistant (waterproof) and can be depended on to get the job done right.

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The History of Industrial Equipment
Covers and Tarpaulins have been in use since 1600 A.D. They were primarily used for sails and covering loads on vessels. They are referred today as "tarps" which originates from "tar" and the word "pall" which were sailing terms. These refer to the sailors and the tar that was used to coat the canvas to protect the loads. The main function is to provide shelter from the elements and they can be equipped with reinforced sides, valence sides, and reinforced attachments such as ratchet straps, D-rings, grommets, webbing, or handles to make them easier to fasten or handle.

Tarps and Liners
Our most economical range is manufactured from woven polypropylene. Tarpaulins and liners are commonly used for camping shelter, water or sun protection, ground cloths or floor protection, and covers for boats, cars, and trucks. They protect cargo on trucks and even control debris in the truck bed. Ground liners and covers are used in athletics facilities to cover ball fields, greens, pitching mounds, and other open areas in facilities needing protection from the elements. Custom equipment covers for industrial machinery are manufactured to order.

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Covers for portable shelters can be made from our covers. They are often used by NGO's and aid agencies for relief efforts. Our covers are used as market stalls, tent covers, and even snow drift fences. We can custom build for most applications, ie. beach cabanas, carports, and pool covers. Most are waterproof but can be manufactured with mesh or screen fabric (perforated) to allow air flow or sunlight through. The material is equipped with UV inhibitors and also available in Fire retardant to meet FM Code (Fire Marshall). We carry a variety of popular colors such as blue, green, white, black, clear, red, brown, grey, orange, olive drab, and camouflage.

If you have questions about any of our products, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.