Stormwater Management on Construction Sites

Best Practices for Stormwater Management

staked silt barrierQuestion: Hello, I am looking for products for stormwater management on construction sites. I am concerned about the amount of rain flow that could occur on our site and I was wondering if there was anything we could use to direct or store this rainwater? We expect that we will have a significant amount of stormwater runoff.

Answer: Depending on the conditions of your site, there are a couple of different options you could consider for controlling and storing rainwater runoff on your site. If you are dealing with a significant amount of runoff, the first option you could consider is the Staked Silt Barrier.

Staked Silt Barrier Construction

The Staked Silt Barrier features a high-strength construction that allows the barrier to properly control and direct the flow of water. Staked silt barriers offer increased strength over a silt fence by using fabrics typically used in a water-based silt and turbidity control.

This offers more strength on land, allowing large water events (such as site sheet flow or run off) to be more easily directed to water retention ponds, settling ponds, or basins.

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The staked silt barrier design typically includes the following features:

  • Impermeable PVC Fabric (high in strength, effectively handles water)
  • Stakes for Ground Installation
  • Nylon Tie Connections
  • Typically Yellow in Color

Rain Water Storage

water bladder tankIf you are looking for an alternative way to store stormwater, an easy option might be the Collapsible Water Tank. These large capacity tanks offer an economical design that provides quick installation, easy setup, and lower shipping and transportation costs.

When used for stormwater management, these tanks are often setup in retention ponds or other areas to act as a kind of liner or barrier for holding and controlling stormwater.

The collapsible tanks has been used to hold rainwater, drinking water, gray water, and various other types of chemicals or contaminated liquids. Features for this tank include the following:

  • Flexible Exterior
  • Capacities between 1 and 210,000 gallons
  • Large Range of Available Fittings
  • Can feature Polyurethane, Polymer Alloy or E PVC Coated Fabrics
  • Contact Times Between 1 and 7 years

To provide additional support, tanks can also be used with berms or other barriers to help further contain and control the tank.

We also offer a wide range of stormwater BMP's such as drain guards, covers, and tarps often used for stormwater management on construction sites. See Stormwater BMPs.

Questions? We can help! If you have questions about any of our products, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597.