Stormwater Project Cycle

Sediment Erosion, Water Pollution

GEI Works developed the Stormwater Project Cycle as we realize that each project is unique and has it's own site fingerprint. So, different approaches are required to successfully develop your SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans) and E & SC's (Erosion & Sediment Controls).

A good place to start would be by locating your watershed. They are those land areas that catch rain or snow and drain to specific marshes, streams, rivers, lakes, or to ground water.

Stormwater Control

Each site moves through phases from when you need to Prevent Erosion when land clearing, Control migration and Contain it while improvements are made. Sometimes, it can't be avoided that material will land up in the water, or undesirable area, and while entering will need to be Contained and a Recovery plan implemented and then Disposed of in a ecologically sound manner.

Read up on the EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency's stormwater program overview.

Granite Environmental's philosophy is that we want to protect the environment and leave the world a cleaner, better place, and is far cheaper and effective to do so, than having to pay for recovery cleanup or remediating a wetland due to poorly planned and implemented projects.

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A good educational tool to consider is the EPA WATERSHED ACADEMY which enables people to acquire sound knowledge about watersheds and there overall impact on the pollution project cycle. In addition to this they offer a web certificate program where students receive a certification of completion. Our company approach is to offer a comprehensive, site specific product solution, using the stormwater project cycle and incorporating BMPs (Best Management Practices) to assure our clients that we can help them remain in compliance and save them time and money. And, when that major unplanned event does occur, as they sometimes do, we will be there to help!

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