Products for Storm Clean Up

Debris Containment & Water Storage

Press Release: "Granite Environmental Inc. Offers Products for Storm Clean Up & Containment"

Sebastian, FL October 30, 2012---In the aftermath of a large storm, products like emergency water storage tanks, containment booms, and spill kits have been a must in helping to repair areas and contain spills that have occurred in the midst of a storm.

To help store, control, contain, and cleanup materials, Granite Environmental Inc. offers a wide range of products including everything from floating water barriers to absorbents and spill cleanup kits for water and land based containment applications. Depending on the location, different methods have been deployed to help put the area back in repair.

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Debris & Silt Containment

containment boomFor containment in water locations, such as lakes, rivers, ponds and streams, items like the Debris Boom and Silt Barrier are deployed around floating items to help contain products while cleanup efforts are underway.

Floating Booms will commonly feature floatation devices and bottom skirts to help keep floating particles such as debris, timbers, silt, and sediment from spreading across a water area. This can help direct trash and debris to specified cleanup areas or protect locations from floating particles.

Spill Containment

When land spill cleanup and containment is the priority, items such as the containment berm and spill kit are a more common choice. These products are designed to specifically target the containment of spilled materials from tanks, fuel storage tanks, and generators while relief efforts are taking place.

spill containment bermsSpill Berms are a common choice due to their flexibility and high strength. Standard design of the berm will feature an easily folding liner that can provide quick shipping and easy deployment in response to a storm event. For spills that have already occurred, items like spill kits will include several absorbents to help quickly soak up spilled materials around a facility or storage location.

Water Storage

flexible storage tanksWith a large range of power outages and cleanup efforts, another common requirement is the storage of drinking water. For this type of emergency water supply, Flexible Storage Tanks can be an economical choice. These tanks are constructed using a flexible material that provides easy shipping and quick filling once a tank has arrived to the location.

Sizes for these flexible drinking water storage tanks include capacities from 25 to 210,000 gallons to meet residential, commercial, industrial and bulk storage needs.

Realizing the need for fast deployment and economical response times during storm clean up efforts, Granite Environmental Inc. is committed to supplying customers with the products they need, when they need them most.

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