Spec For Type III Silt Barrier

Specs for a Type III Silt Barrier and Silt Fence

type iii silt barrierQuestion: Do you have specs for a Type III Silt Barrier? Could you please let us know the length and width of Type III silt barriers along with the silt curtain? We require a system in which the silt barrier or the floating boom is for 33 meters in length, plus the depth is required to be around 12 meters. We also need the length and dimensions of a standard silt fence. I hope you do international business. Could you customize it as per our specifications? (Inquiry from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.)

Answer: Hello! Thank you for you inquiry. We are an international company, shipping products all around the world. If our standard sizes do not work for your application, we can custom manufacture products.

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Spec for Type III Silt Barrier

The standard sizes and specifications for a Type III Silt Barrier can be found below. In general, the barrier will come in either an Economy or Heavy-Duty Model. The economy model, also known as the DOT model, is well equipped for most rough water applications. If you are looking for something a little stronger, this is when the heavy-duty material will be used.

Specifications for this Type III Silt Barrier includes:

  • Standard Sections Lengths: Either 50 or 100 feet
  • Standard Depths: 5 feet
  • Other Available Depths: Anywhere from 3 to 100 feet
  • Marine Grade Top Flotation Device
  • PVC Fabric
  • Slide Connectors
  • Grommet Section Ties
  • Ballast Chain

Heavy-duty barriers may additionally include the use of a steel tension cable and freeboard. Other options we have seen customers implement on this type of barrier include the following:

  • Furling Liner (helps with areas needing multiple deployments)
  • Freeboard
  • Filter Panel Skirt (creates a permeable skirt for filtering and water flows)

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Specs for the Silt Fence

silt fenceOur silt fence comes in a roll of 150 ft (45 meters). Fabrics used for silt fences should be a pervious sheets of geotextile material such as polypropylene, nylon, or polyester. These are chosen based on minimum synthetic fabric requirements as shown below. Minimum requirements for silt fence construction have been met by the material we offer.

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