Incinerators for Waste Removal

Small to Medium Incinerators for Waste Removal

Question about incinerators for waste removal: I am looking for small to medium incinerators to start a waste removal service. Are your systems using incineration or chemicals to disinfect the waste?

Do the incinerators produce a lot of smoke since we will be burning a lot of plastic materials? Can you also include the sizes and capacities of the incinerators? I will review it, then get back to you with questions. Another quick question, have you sold any systems outside the U.S. Are there any maintenance issues?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! The answers to your questions may vary slightly depending on what incineration unit you choose. In general, none of the incinerators listed on our site use chemicals to disinfect materials.

medical waste incineratorOur smallest units, typically referred as our Small Scale Incinerators, are portable units designed to transport and dispose of materials. These materials have included anything from drugs to medical waste. Depending on what you are looking to incinerate, different models can be better than others. Incineration models have included a trash model, drug model, and medical waste model.

We would be more than happy to send you emission facts regarding these incinerators but typically, no, they do not produce a lot of smoke during incineration.

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Medium Sized Incinerators for Waste Removal

solid waste incineratorsIn addition to these smaller units, we also provide several larger incinerators for waste removal. These units, known as our Solid Waste Incinerators, are designed with dual chambers for the disposal of various types of solid waste.

Sizing for these models includes system capacities equipped to incinerate anywhere from 58 to
600 pounds per hour.

If you are unsure of which incinerator might be best for your location, please don't hesitate to ask!

Factors you'll want to consider:

  • What is the composition of the waste stream?
  • How much waste needs to be incinerated?
  • What is your desired/available frequency and duration for operation?
  • Do you have specific emission requirements?

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