Small Scale Incinerators to Burn Paper

Mini Incinerators for Type 0 Waste

small scale incinerators to burn paper

Question: Do you have small scale incinerators to burn paper? My company is looking for a incinerator that will burn paper type or type 0 waste once a month or so. We have large containers that people put sensitive documents and materials into that need to be burned, maybe 10 pounds all together. Do you make incinerators for this type of application? Thank you.

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry! For smaller amounts of trash, the best option for you would probably be one of our Portable Trash Incinerators. These units are small, used with a 55 gallon drum, and can be moved to needed areas around your location to help with the disposal of trash and various other materials.

You have mentioned the need to dispose of both paper and type 0 waste. This type of waste would typically include wood, cardboard, plastic, and other similar products. All of these materials types have been tested and approved for disposal in one of our smaller trash incinerator units.

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Small Scale Incinerators Product Description

Small incinerators for trash disposal typically include the use of a 55 gallon drum and back blowers. This helps to provide enough oxygen into your fire to successfully burn larger amounts of trash products. Benefits customers have found when using this product have included:

  • No External Fuel Requirements (units can typically be started through the use of wood and paper wads which are then lit by a match)
  • Easy Incineration Process
  • Average Burn Rate of up to 50 lbs./hr.

The small scale incinerator to burn paper can be plugged in for easy to use and efficient trash disposal. With up to 97% reduction in material, you can be sure that your waste will be disposed in a safe, environmentally friendly (and confidential) way. Learn more about our variety of solid waste incinerators.