Type 1 Silt Curtains

Customer Testimonial: Type 1 Turbidity Curtain

type 1 turbidity curtain
Customer Provided Photo Courtesy of Cummins, Inc.

We use the silt curtains to slow the silt intrusion into our lake during heavy spring rains. They worked well last year, and we are intending to reuse them this year. We've found that we can remove them (so they don't freeze in the lake), clean them and reinstall them in an efficient manner. The material has held up fairly well to date.

Clint R Garrett
Cummins, Inc.

Silt Curtains

GEI Works offers floating silt curtains in a number of models for a variety of conditions. The customer above used the Contractor model of our Triton Type 1 Turbidity Curtain. Type 1 turbidity barrier is meant for calm water conditions, such as small ponds, calm water lakes, and roadside swales. Contractor silt curtains are an excellent solution for short-term projects and use smaller flotation sizes. Type 1 silt curtains are available in standard lengths of 25, 50, or 100 feet. Other models and types of floating silt curtains are as follows:

Additional Type 1 Options Additional Types
DOT Type 2 (Moving Water)
Economy Type 3 (Rough Water)
Geotextile (Permeable)  

Turbidity Barrier Accessories

pyramid anchorsAccessories for silt curtains are necessary for the installation and deployment of any turbidity barrier type or model. Your turbidity curtain detail, location, and water quality determine which accessories are right for your project. For example, Type 2 and Type 3 curtains need anchors regardless of any other factors, but the type and weight of the anchors are determined by depth, curtain length, bottom soil composition, etc. See the following for more accessory options:

  • Anchor Kits – Reduces and redistributes the load along the curtain for longevity and proper anchoring.
  • Tow Bridles – Used to connect the curtain to the tow boat during installation.
  • Tidal Compensators – Allows the turbidity barrier to adjust to changing tides and water levels.
  • Reefing Lines – Adjusts the curtain length to allow for varying water depths.

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