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Customer Testimonial About Floating Turbidity Barriers

Triton Type 2 CurtainI would like to thank you for all the time you and [your] co-workers at GEI Works have taken to review our recent needs for our silt ponds. Our company purchased GEI Works Silt Boom originally in 2011 and have used your products since. These booms have worked as advertised and [in] harsh conditions, which included leaving them in place in our settling lakes over winter. They have survived being frozen in over a foot of ice and maintained their integrity for years. We have replaced sections only because the silt deposits caught up with the curtains before they could be removed. We still have a string of silt curtains performing as new that have been in place since 2013. There is no reason to look anywhere else for silt controlling booms. We use your Type 2 Curtains and they withstand some pretty stiff winds and waves. We would recommend GEI Works Inc. products to anyone needing silt boom and the support equipment that is suggested.

Further, right from the first communications years ago, GEI Works Inc. company representatives have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding the use of their products and proper applications. Every order has gone smoothly and shipped exactly as ordered. Working with such professionals has been a pleasure and our company will continue using your products. A sincere thanks to everyone involved with the review of our current needs and installation.

Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference for your company, products and allow us to express our satisfaction that your company representatives have the ability to help solve any problem.

Ken Ziccarelli
VP Regulatory Affairs
Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc.

Green Turbidity BarrierOur Triton Silt Boom and Sediment Barriers help to contain silt, sediment, and other turbidity-causing particles in a contained water area. The skirt on the silt barrier contains the sediment, which slows its migration, and allows more time for the particles to settle to the bottom of the water body. Floating turbidity barriers help companies lower their TSS (total suspended solids) levels and stay in compliance with state and federal regulations.

GEI Works offers a variety of silt boom models, depending on the needs of the location. Water conditions are one of the first factors to consider. Type 1 sediment barriers work well in calm water, while Type 2 turbidity curtains are designed for moving water. If a river or lake has fast or rough water, Type 3 may likely be the best choice. Fabric and flotation are next concerns. Fabric options range from 13 oz. to 22 oz. PVC with permeable geotextile and monofilament selections as well. Flotation sizes start at 4" and can go up to 12" on some models.

Proper Accessories can determine the success or failure of your silt boom. Anchors and anchoring kits provide stabilization and even load distribution. Tidal compensators allow turbidity barriers to adjust with changing tides and water levels. For areas with uneven depths, reefing lines can keep each section of the barrier at the needed height. GEI Works also offers a vinyl repair kit to patch any small tears or holes as needed on location.

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