Sediment Filter Bag

Dewatering Bags for Construction Projects

sediment filter bagQuestion: Hello. I am looking for a sediment filter bag that I can use to help filter out some of the materials on my job site. Do you have these types of bags?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! We do offer several different sizes for Sediment Filter Bags that can be used to filter out materials such as soils, sediment, and several other construction site requirements. Sediment filter dewatering bags are often used to filter out small lakes and ponds, allowing only clean water to leave or be removed from the site. Learn more about our sediment filter bag specifications and how to choose the right dewatering bag for your job site.

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Sediment Filter Bag Specifications

Sediment filter bags are created from a non woven geotextile material. The needle-punched fabric offers high permittivity, while still remaining secure enough to retain fine soils. The dewatering bag comes in either an eight or ten ounce (8 or 10 oz) fabric depending on the strength needed for filtering and sediment removal on your site.

Taurus dewatering sediment filter bagThe dewatering bag specifications include:

  • 6' x 6': Capacity of 1.44 cubic yards/bag
  • 15' x 10': Capacity of 6 cubic yards/bag
  • 15' x 15': Capacity of 9.6 cubic yards/bag
  • 15' x 20': Capacity of 12 cubic yards/bag
  • 15' x 25': Capacity of 15 cubic yards/bag
  • Custom sediment filter bag sizes available on request.

As a filtering material, dewatering bags contain a different filtering rate depending on the size fabric that is being used. The 8 oz. fabric typically offers a filtering of 80 gpm per square foot. The 10 oz. fabric offers 60 gpm per square foot.

Construction Sediment Filter Bag Considerations

Choosing the right Dewatering Bag for your location can depend on several different factors including:

dewatering sediment filter bag
  • Volume of Water Being Pumped
  • Type of Sediment To Retain
  • How Much Sediment To Be Retained
  • Permittivity of Dewatering Bag Fabric

Sediment filter bags are typically placed in level locations to prevent the bag from sliding or moving during the filtering process. Depending on the size of your dewatering bag, they may also be placed in containment units such as a 20 foot drop box, a dump truck, or other similar items. If placed on a ground location, runoff from the sediment filter bag should be guided to the nearest inlet.

When using the sediment filter bags, dewatering products are typically hooked up to an available discharge hose. Each dewatering bag can typically handle a discharge hose that measures either two, three, or four inches.

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