Secondary Containment for Roll Off Container

Roll Off Container Liners and Other Collapsible Spill Containment

drive through bermsQuestion: Do you have secondary containment for roll off containers? I need something portable or collapsible to place under these units while I'm using them.

Also, do you know of any liners or materials I could place inside the container for extra protection? I have heard these are available. Do you sell them also?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! Yes, we do offer a wide variety (including custom) secondary containment and liner options for your roll off containers.

Questions about collapsible spill containment? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or submit a form.

Secondary Containment Berms

secondary containment for roll off containerSecondary containment berms are an excellent choice for containment under rolling or moving products. These berms contain a bottom liner and side walls. This protects the ground from spills while also containing liquids successfully within the storage berm.

Popular Secondary Containment Options for Roll Off Containers:

  1. Foam Wall Berms are lightweight, compact, durable, convenient, rapidly deployed, and has no breakable parts. It can be made from 22 oz PVC, 30 oz PVC, and 40 oz urethane. These berms feature 4 inch walls that can be directly driven over.

  2. Aluminum Angle Berms with bracketed sides would also work for your application. They are made from similar materials and designed to boast low thermal expansion and contraction, capable of performing in all possible environments and climates. The brackets are removable from the ends of these berms, so they can be lowered to allow the container to be moved inside the containment area.

  3. Combination Berms use both aluminum angle siding and foam walls to create a drive through berm that has a larger capacity than regular foam wall berms. The long aluminum bracket walls create a berm height of 1 foot. Each short end uses a self-rising foam wall to contain spills as they happen. When no liquids are in the containment area, our collapsible spill containment berm is easy to drive on and off of with vehicles and forklifts.

Roll Off Container Liners

roll off container linerWe do also offer Roll Off Container Liners that are designed to be placed directly inside roll off containers, dump trucks, lugger boxes, dumpsters and other storage devices. These liners are typically made from a polyethylene material, giving them added strength and a high resistance to several different materials.

Using these containment liners can help with odor, leaking and other storage materials.

Questions about secondary containment for roll off container? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or submit a form.