Sargassum Seaweed in Florida

Sargassum Solutions for Florida and the Keys

sargassum on the beachFor those of us along Florida's mid and southern coastlines, the ongoing influx of seaweed (aka Sargasso seaweed invasion) and its problems seem like they'll never end. Each year seems to provide more seaweed on the beaches than the last. With each wave of seaweed that washes ashore, we watch our community's tourism income for the season dwindle.

GEI Works is personally familiar with the sargassum seaweed invasion, being located in Indian River County, along the east coast of Florida. That's one reason why we at GEI Works are so passionate about providing an effective and affordable sargassum solution. The seaweed impacts tourism and economies in many areas, but in Florida, it's our beaches and our communities that are impacted, too.

There is good news. We have a proven solution that is far better, less time consuming, and much more reasonable on the budget than the standard beach seaweed removal process. Our Answer: Orion Sargassum Barrier. Read on to learn why.

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Seaweed Beach Removal in Mid & Southern Florida – Why It's Not the Solution

sargassum removalContrary to popular opinion, the best way to deal with sargassum seaweed in Florida is NOT by investing in expensive machinery to remove seaweed from the beaches. This only creates a host of ongoing costs and maintenance issues for managers of coastal residences and businesses. Thankfully, there is a better way.

Why Removing Sargassum from Florida's Beaches Isn't The Best Answer

  • Beach seaweed removal equipment is expensive. This process generally requires motorized harvesting equipment that's a costly upfront investment, and requires frequent maintenance due to exposure to salt and sand. Additionally, there are ongoing costs, including fuel and manpower to operate it. An additional challenge is that many locations require operators to be certified.

  • Disposing of Sargasso seaweed is troublesome. If your FDEP permit allows you to remove the seaweed from the beach, it'll need a place to go. You'll need to locate an approved site that's far from Florida's populated areas and public water sources, as decomposing sargassum seaweed generates toxic fumes that have been linked to hydrogen sulfide poisoning and also corrodes copper in air conditioning units, plumbing, and electrical systems.

  • Removing sargassum seaweed from the beaches can be illegal. As frustrating and unpleasant as Sargasso seaweed is to us, it is a critical part of Florida's aquatic ecosystem. Removing it from the beaches can have a measurable and negative impact on the aquatic habitat, especially with Florida's protected sea turtle population and abundance of nesting grounds.

    As a result, it is often illegal to harvest sargassum seaweed in Florida's coastal communities. For example, if the seaweed-filled beach is located within the counties of Brevard and Broward and southward (including Monroe County), make sure you're familiar with Florida Statute 161, Florida Beach & Shore Act). These counties have very specific requirements for compliance, set by Florida's Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) that firmly dictate when, where, and how to address removing seaweed from beachfront areas.

    For a list of detailed requirements, please see: Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission – Beach Cleaning Guidelines.

  • Removing seaweed from the beaches is a never-ending battle. No sooner has the seaweed been removed from the beach than the next batch washes ashore, starting the process all over again.

Better than Seaweed Beach Removal: Sargassum Barrier

sargassum boomThankfully, there is a better way. The most effective and affordable means of managing Florida's explosive Sargasso seaweed population is to block it entirely from coming ashore with the Orion debris barrier. This allows you to avoid all of the negative affects listed above, while keeping your beaches clean and pristine. It also has the added benefit of keeping all other floating debris, trash, and even jellyfish away from your beaches.

We have designed several models of floating barrier (also called floating containment boom) specifically for this purpose. A leader in protecting beaches from Sargassum and debris, GEI Works provides Sargassum Barrier worldwide. Our Orion Sargassum Barrier is built using durable ocean-grade fabric and components for long-lasting performance in protecting your beaches. Customized solutions are also available.

Benefits of Orion Sargassum Barrier

  • Keeps swimming areas, marinas, docks, and beaches clear of Sargasso seaweed
  • Protects swimming areas and beaches from floating trash and debris also
  • No ongoing staffing or maintenance is needed
  • No mechanized equipment to upkeep
  • No Sargasso seaweed removal expenses
  • Can be used to designate safe swimming areas or boating channels

Help with Seaweed Boom Recommendations and Installation

installing seaweed boomWe're here to help, and want to see your project be successful. Let us help you with designing an installation plan that will make it simple to ensure proper placement of the floating barrier, accounting for tides, wind, boater traffic, swimmer experience, and aesthetics. Simply ask us for help with floating debris boom design recommendations. It's that easy.

(Optional) Installation Services: No need to go it alone. If you need help installing Orion Floating Barrier for Sargassum Seaweed in Florida, we have a mobile team that can come to your site and perform the installation for you. Or, if you prefer, we can have a representative on site to advise and coach your team through the installation procedures step by step.

Sargassum Barrier by GEI Works

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  • Learn more: Sargassum Seaweed Barrier.

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