Economical Rainwater Harvesting

Collapsible Rainwater Pillow Tank

rainwater harvesting, rain water harvesting Rainwater harvesting made easy by using a collapsible pillow tank. This flexible style tank offers a low profile that allows it to be used in small spaces. It also uses FDA and NSF 61 approved materials for the safe storage of drinking water. Granite Environmental offers this rainwater collection tank that is perfect for garden irrigation, toilet flushing, stormwater management, and much more. Not sure which type of potable water storage tank you need? See our tank selection guide.

Benefits of Rainwater Collection:

What are the benefits of rain water harvesting and why is it essential?

  • Reduces city water costs
  • Lets you take care of your landscape investment
  • Having a water reserve available in drought-related water restrictions
  • Makes you more independent from city water and self sufficient
  • Adds value to your home
  • LEED points
  • Saving water reserve for future generations
  • Providing fire water reserve and on-site storm water retention

Where To Store The Rainwater Pillow Tank:

The rainwater pillow system is perfect to store in wasted spaces. It can be installed in crawl spaces, under deck or porch areas, or in green houses for example. Custom rainwater pillow tank sizes upon request.

You can view Product Specifications for this tank here. Standard sizes range anywhere from 130 gallons to 40,000 gallons. Larger sizes are also available, but are recommended with embankment support.

Looking for a collapsible tank that can be used for something other than rainwater? Check out our selection of Bladder Tanks with tanks that can store Drinking Water, Gray Water, and Fuel.

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