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Press Release | Oil Spill Cleanup School Project

Press Release Granite Environmental, Inc. proudly supported the gold winner’s student team “Soak It Up” with their science fair project, organized by the science department of the Queen of Angels Academy in Quebec, Canada”

science project, science projects, oil spill cleanup Sebastian, FL, February 18, 2010 – Granite Environmental, Inc. had the honor of supporting the students Mikayla Di Grappa and Mallory Phillips, members of the gold winning team “Soak It Up”, with their science fair school project.

The Annual Science Fair 2010, held on February 6, 2010, was hosted by the Queen of Angels Academy High School in Dorval, Quebec, Canada. The purpose of the fair was to showcase secondary 2 and secondary 4 scientific related projects.

oil spill cleanup science project, oil spill cleanup science projects Mikayla and Mallory, both very interested in protecting the environment, chose their project topic “soak it up” to address oil spill clean-up. Their sentiments are especially geared towards how to better protect marine life. Granite Environmental provided sorbent product samples and technical product information.

The gold winning team, “Soak It Up” eventually has the chance to participate in the regional competitions, organized by the Quebec government and regional school commissions, to win a scholarship now.

Congratulations to Mallory and Mikayla from the GEI Works team! Great job, well done.

annual school science fair, annual school science fairsGranite Environmental, Inc. (GEI Works) is a leading international contract manufacturer in providing cost effective, field tested and proven environmental & BMP products, and portable tanks. The main product lines are water pollution and erosion control products. Including: turbidity curtains , silt barriers , debris booms , trash booms , oil cleanup booms , safety cabinets , dewatering bags , geotextile tubes , pond liners , WWTP water control baffles , coir logs, coir wattles , and geotextile liners , to only name a few. Granite Environmental also offers solutions for oil spill cleanup , spill containment , bulk liquid storage , industrial supply and incineration . GEI Works serves in the following markets: North and South America, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and South Africa. Granite Environmental, Inc. is a proud supporter of students, involved in environmental and science projects, worldwide.

According to Nadia Ferrara, proud mother and team supporter, “On behalf of the “Soak It Up” team, parents, and teachers, THANK YOU for all your support. Mikayla and Mallory won gold for their project "Soak it Up”, and may be asked to participate in the regional competitions. The girls did a fantastic job - you would have been proud! You guys are amazing!!!”

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