Small Portable Incinerator for Waste

Small Scale Incinerator Helios 0.3

small incineratorsThe Helios dual chamber portable incineration unit is the best method for safe drug disposal, pharmaceuticals, medical disposal, trash, medical waste, and other solid waste streams. Designed as a compact unit, these portable incinerators are popularly used by hospitals, waste disposal facilities, and police stations for quick and safe solid waste incineration and prescription disposal. The Helios 0.3 Waste Incinerator (formerly known as the Vulcan 0.3 Hospital Incinerator) is safe and easy to use, with little training required.

The Helios 0.3 is a dual chamber model that fully incinerates waste before it enters the atmosphere. The perfect incinerator for hospitals, dual chamber systems first incinerate waste in the primary chamber, then further oxidizes by-products in the secondary chamber. (See specs and details below.)

Helios Portable Incineration Requirements

System Capacity:
0.3 MMBtu/hr waste combustion
30-50 lbs/hr processing capacity for solid waste streams
Electrical: 120 VAC, 25 amp
Fuel: Diesel or #2 Fuel Oil
Location: Level surface 7 feet (2 m) from nearest structure

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Portable Incinerator Specifications

Primary Chamber: 13.5 cu.ft.
Secondary Chamber: 13.5 cu. ft (std.)
Diameter of Stack: 12" OD (30 cm)
Capacity: Up to 330 lbs. (150 kg) per day

Primary Chamber Specifications

Type: Fixed Hearth with Controlled Over and Under-Fire Air Injection
Chamber Volume: 13.5 cu. ft.
Hearth Area: 5 sq. ft.
Burners Capacity: .25 MMBtu/hr. nom

Secondary Chamber Specifications

Type: .25MMBtu/hr. nom
Chamber Volume: 13.5 cu. ft.
Burners Capacity: .25 MMBtu/hr. nom

Each Helios 0.3 medical incinerator is designed with a system capacity of 0.3 MMBtu/hr waste combustion and 30-50 lbs/hr processing capacity for solid waste streams and pharmaceuticals disposal. Batch capacities are approximately 9-10 cu. ft. per 4-6 hr batch cycle. See our Helios Incinerator Comparison Chart for more information.

What Can be Placed in Helios Portable Incinerators?

This dual-chamber system is ideal for hospitals seeking safe medication disposal, and is equipped to dispose of
different medical materials. It is popularly used for:

How Does the Solid Waste Portable Incineration System Work?

As a portable incineration unit, these models are designed to provide fast, easy and hassle-free solid waste and medication disposal. Helios units are easy to use, eco friendly, safe incinerators that can be operated with little traning.

Set Up: Most set up for these units involves filling the gas tank and plugging the unit into a power source. Electrical and fuel requirements for the units can be seen above.

Incineration: To use this unit, materials are placed into the primary chamber where the incineration process begins. As the burn occurs, gases then move into the second chamber for secondary incineration. All temperatures and air injections are controlled by an outside easy-operation control panel.

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