Portable Tanks

Flexible and Plastic Tanks

flexible tanks All of our flexible and plastic portable tanks are designed for a multitude of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our portable water storage tank variety offers several different options for storing and transporting water, fertilizers, and chemicals.

Tank styles include:

  • Plastic tanks
  • Collapsible tanks
  • Emergency storage tanks

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Portable Tank Styles

Emergency Storage Tanks

QET in use for for fire fightingOur lined dump tanks, (quick erect or frame tanks) for Emergency Water Storage can be used for firefighting, decontamination of personnel and vehicles, and also for temporary recovery and storage of oil spills. Typically referred to as quick erect (QET's) or onion style, these are excellent for oil pipeline leaks, reserve firefighting water, or foam storage.

Onion tanks are excellent for use where response time is critical. Our QET's are durable and easily carried by 1-2 personnel (depending on size) and set up in a matter of minutes.

Collapsible Tanks

bladder tankWater and Fuel Bladders:

Portable water storage and containment tanks are used for:
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Seismic tanks to replace cisterns affected by earthquakes
  • Rainwater harvesting

These Collapsible Pillow Tanks and are also ideal for:
  • Drinking Water and Fuel Storage during military operations
  • Emergency drinking water supply for shelters / communities, or rural job sites
  • Black and gray water storage in bladder water tanks for (RV Tanks) for latrines, laundries, and laundromats
  • Temporary storage of contaminants in flexible fuel tanks when service vehicles are not readily available

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Portable Tank Specifications

collapsible tankOur portable tanks are manufactured using state of the art radio frequency and heat welding and vulcanizing techniques. All tanks are pressure and leak tested. Most importantly we utilize the very best coated fabrics and components which are specifically engineered for liquid containment.

All fittings are selected based on compatibility and function with stored liquid. Pressure relief vents are used to allow air to escape upon filling and these can be automatic based on pressure or manual screw caps.

Please discuss required fill and discharge options, support, fasteners, grounds anchors, berm/ground liners, shade shelters, etc to ensure smooth in-field operations. High and low temperatures for the tank's storage environment should also be considered.

Portable Tanks Sizes:
Our portable tanks are sized from 50 Gallons to 210,000 Gallons capacity on our flexible pillow tank dimension page. They are shipped to customers globally.

Please Note: The recommended contact time is a guide only. It implies that, at that stage, some of the mechanical properties could start to change. All is depending on care, storage, weather conditions, etc.

Many customers have successfully used materials recommended for 90 days for over 2 years without problems. Read more about our Portable Tanks Warranty.

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