Portable Incinerator Available

What Small Scale Incinerators do you have Available?

medical waste incineratorQuestion: Do you have a portable incinerator that will handle drugs animals and trash?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For the disposal of these very different portable incinerator products, the best option would be to look into our small scale incinerators for drugs, medical waste, and trash. These units features a dual chamber system that allows you to safely incinerate your items. Learn about the shipping options available for different types of incinerators.

Portable Incinerator Options

Items that can be incinerated in theses units have varied from drugs to trash. Please check out some of the common applications for drug incineration listed below:

Drug Incineration: This small scale incinerator is a great option for bulk drug disposal. This has been a favorite for counties or areas looking to incinerate large amounts of prescription drugs or confiscated materials. Rather than having to move out of house, these incinerators can be used by law enforcement and custom operations to safely dispose of drugs and other confiscated materials.

Medical Waste Incineration: For disposal of animals and/or medical waste, this solid waste incinerator can also work. Like many other hazardous materials, animal disposal can create infectous or pathological waste that is harmful to the environment and surrounding areas. The medical waste incinerator is designed specifically to handle these types of materials and creates clean emissions through its dual chamber setup.

Other incineration units that may work include larger solid waste incinerater unit to help dispose of larger quantities of materials. Incinerators listed above may also be used large areas to help dispose of trash and other waste products. For more information on these units, please don't hesitate to give us call!

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