Portable Incinerator to Destroy Drugs

Prescription Pill Incinerator

portable incinerator to destroy prescription drugsQuestion: I need a quote regarding the cost of a portable drug incinerator. I work for the county sheriff's department and we are looking to dispose of prescription drugs. I have heard of a small scale drug incinerator that is portable and can be used with a 55 gallon drum. Do you have anything like this available?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For the disposal of prescription drugs by police departments and other law enforcement officials, we do offer a Small Scale Drug Incinerator that can help with these requirements. Made with a 55 gallon drum*, electric-powered air supply, and tight drum lid, these incinerators are the perfect way to quickly, economically, and effectively dispose of confiscated materials. Visit our Small Scale Incinerators page for more information on all incinerators.

*The drum is an option that can be added. The Barrel Burner is also available for sale without the drum.

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Drug Incineration Operation

Operation of the 55 gallon drum incinerator is designed to be simple and require limited supplies. To begin the incineration process, all that is required for start-up is a small supply of wood or charcoal. Once these items have been ignited, flames can be increased with small wads of paper or other materials.

The general operation procedure is shown below:drug incineration

  1. Plug in your Incineration Unit

  2. Place Charcoal or Wood Inside the Unit

  3. Ignite the Materials: This can be done by starting fire through the charcoal or wood products. Flames can be further increased through the additional of paper into the flames. After a flame has started, place the lid on top of the drum and allow the flame to increase. Air may be added to the unit through blowers located in back portion of the drum.

  4. Insert Materials into the Drum through designated slot area.

  5. After materials have been safely placed inside the drum, allow incineration to occur. Once the items have be properly incinerated, the remaining ash can be then be disposed of in the appropriate locations.

During any kind of drug incinerator operation you will want to make sure that proper safety precautions are taken including the use of heat thermal gloves and safety glasses. These incinerators should not be touched without the use of a protective material.

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